NaS-T Animesh NPC V2 -Atlas- 25 LI Human Male Buff & Muscular Mesh *NEW* Yoga Instructor Mode - NAP 2.0 Equipped - Version 2.1

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The NaS-T Animesh NPC V2.1 Does it all!
This mesh body is pumped up to body builder levels and features a dark complexion and deep blue eyes.

This is Genuine Animesh and you must have a viewer that supports this feature or you will not see any movement.

Instant action control through the exclusive NaS-T Control HUD.

Link almost any rigged mesh clothing or objects to him.

He is a Bartender as well as a Greeter, a LM giver and a Yoga instructor.
All functions are fully adjustable through the HUD.

I have included a few of my "Top of the line" Toast Master drinks, along with some SL standards.
As a Bartender he is impressively stocked.

You can turn that and the greeter function on and off, adjust the greet scan range and time, all easily with the control HUD.

No chasing an untouchable mesh around.

Instant Animation control!
All NaS-T V2 or later NPC's have an "Instant Action" menu that will search inventory, and you can select any animation to instantly play. Drop any animation into him. Click the button and play it.

Set him to play the DJ animation and he'll happily spin the night away.

He has real personality.

In fact he has 4 of them preset to choose from.
Over a Hundred animations grouped in stands and dances to make Strong, Dude, Dancer or Yoga attitude adjustments.

Put him in Dance mode and he will go into a set of 15 awesome male "Chippendale's" style dances.

Put him in Dude mode and he'll chill on the corner, breaking into the occasional Hip-Hop or street dance.

New Personality just for Atlas! -The Yoga Instructor-.
15 smoothly looped Yoga poses. High quality animations featuring small realistic movements.
No Static Poses!

Strong Mode is a tough and aggressive personality set. Great for bouncers and Greeters.

The Visibility menu let's you decide what times of the day & night he is visible. Lots of settings to choose from.

At only 25 LI he makes a great employee and a customer drawing attraction for any store.

He won't go much farther than 5 meters from home so he works great as a greeter or quest character.
I left him full mod (except my scripts) so you can add your favorite roaming or pathfinding scripts and have him walk around if you want.

V2.1 Includes a Developers interface to communicate with my scripts VIA simple Link Messages.
Even more control!

Example - llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, 9, "stopalla", ""); Will instantly stop all animations.

I have included all the textures Full perm so you can have at him, along with several extra skins with lots of extra hair, beard, age and ethnic options. Including a pale green Vampire skin!

Since he is a rigged mesh he can not be modified for size.

Other than the size and my scripts, he is fully modifiable!
Feel free to mess around "under the hood".
Toss in some roaming scripts and have him patrol the grounds.

Perfect for any setting.

The NAP system 2.0
-Notecard & Animations Personality Sets, or NAP sets-
Universal personality profiles that can contain up to 15 animations and a personality profile notecard.
This allows anyone to make and use them on any Animesh that uses the open source NAP format.
It works exactly like an AO with a standard format.
NAP sets will work on any Animesh with a NAP system!
It's kind of like the Omega relay for Animesh and will allow other builders to use and sell NAP sets.

Create your own personalities!
Buy, Sell and Trade them. Open a store selling them.
It's an open source system. free to use or resell.
I designed the UI to be simple and it uses standard LL animations & notecard formatting.

This is Full Copy and modify and includes free lifetime self-service re-delivery through the Marketplace..

Join the "Nano Station" group for new product releases, events and special discounts.
Join the "NaS-T Summoner Owners" group for support, new props and plays for the NaS-T line of RP summoner props.

Use the See Item in Second Life link below to visit our new Animesh display area "The Shire of Aniquest".

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  • Top of the line mesh model.
  • Fully moddable.
  • Perfect for any setting.
  • Dress him any way you want!
  • Ultra high LOD!.

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