NaS-T Animesh Village People Body Builder Bob NAP 2,0 Equipped includes 15 exercises Version 1

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This is genuine Animesh and you must have a viewer that supports that feature or you will not see any movement.

Bob is banging out the stretches and jumping jacks.
He's a full size muscle man wearing SL skin layers.

Works out on the Beach, in a park or a Gym. He could care less. It's all about the reps.

Change his skin, his look, change the animations, he's full mod except the script.

He has 15 stretches & exercises pre-loaded.
Swap them around, add your own, subtract any you don't like, the NAP lets you control him completely.

The Village People are simple Animesh NPC's, designed to bring movement and action to your build. Place a couple around to help build a busier and more active atmosphere.

-NAP System 2.0-
-Notecard & Animations Personality Sets, or NAP sets-
Universal personality profiles that can contain up to 15 animations and a personality profile note card.
This allows anyone to make and use them on any Animesh that uses the open source NAP format.
NAP sets will work on any Animesh with a NAP system!
It's kind of like the Omega relay for Animesh and will allow all builders to use and sell NAP sets.

Create your own personalities!
Buy, Sell and Trade them. Open a store selling them.
The NAP is an open source system. free to use or resell NAP sets.
I designed the UI to be simple and it uses standard LL animations & note card formatting.

This is Full Copy and modify and includes free lifetime self-service re-delivery through the Marketplace.

Very low impact, script wise & land wise & ultra high LOD.

The "See item in Second Life" link will take you to the Shire of Aniquest. This is a new area I am building to showcase what can be done with Animesh. This exact one may not be out on display but many others like it will be.

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  • Low LI & High quality textures.
  • Can be used anywhere you can build & run scripts
  • Perfect for city sims
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Comes programmed and ready to use.

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