NaS-T Troll Bridge Fairy Chase Game Mesh RP fun period Fantasy prop Version 1

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If you want to cross the bridge, you have to pay the Troll!

Just set out this Old Stone bridge and get ready for some fun.

When anyone tries to cross it a giant terrifying Troll jumps out and blocks their path.

He tells you in Troll doggerel to find him a Fairy and hands you a net.

Now you have to find and catch a fairy!
Fairies are rezzed as temporary flying objects and are rezzed by a 1 LI mesh stump.
There are 6 types, fast and slow fairies. and 1 meter, 5 meter and 10 meter range versions of each. You can put out just one fast fairy rezzer on each side of the bridge to make the game hard or place as many slow rezzers as you want to make the game easier.
You only need one out and you can mix and match.

Colliding with a Fairy when you don't have a net makes the Fairy curse you out and go poof.
If you have a net you will catch the Fairy and it will appear in the net.

A Fairy will be given to you in your inventory so you can drag and drop it on the Troll then he will let you pass.

The NaS-T Fairies are Copy & Transfer so you can put them out anywhere (after you catch one of course) and it's a cool little Fairy in a huge Mason Jar. Don't forget to poke holes in the lid!

The Bridge is a 6 LI Mesh at it's current size and can be stretched but that will raise the LI.

The Troll is a 3 LI Mesh "blocker" NPC but rezzes temporary so only counts as 1.5 LI You can touch him to make him go away but a new one will rezz anytime anyone tries to cross the bridge. You can not walk across the bridge unless you pay the Troll.

The Fairy Rezzers are 1 LI each.

Fairies are 8 LI temporary and the rezzer pops one out every 2 minutes so there is almost always one zipping around.

This is a fun & family safe prop! It only has a Land Impact of 9 in full use and delivers an awesome looking Hairy Monster that is fun and terrifying.

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  • Low Prim & High quality textures.
  • Can be used anywhere you can build & run scripts
  • Perfect for period & Fantasy sims
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Comes programmed and ready to use.

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Nano Station Technologies NaS-T
Nano Station Technologies NaS-T
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