NirAO (Server Side Animation Overrider) Version 3.6

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3.6 fixes the heap collision error i accidentally introduced... i'm sorry there, i did a poop somehow and set it to LSL rather than Mono.

NOTE: Please refrain from trying to contact me or report errors via the Review section, message me directly. Marketplace literally does not send me any notifications whatsoever that let me see your reviews, so if you find a bug or have an issue, contact me directly in world so i can get it fixed ASAP.

*Update: It's FREE and OPENSOURCE now.

NEW: You can now also use Oracul notecards. That means you can copy all animations over and use your old notecard without having to change anything if you used an Oracul AO before!

For all supported animation types see:

*This AO uses a notecard for configuration, you can find the notecard in the AO's inventory. You can edit it or drag it out into your inventory to edit it easier. The notecard does not need to be named 'Configuration'.

*This AO is fast, reliable (it should never fail), uses only 1 script and less than 64 kb script memory. It's script time and memory usage can be shown via menu. Due to it using the serverside AO features it is only necessary to run it once every login session, all non active features of this AO will continue to work.

*This AO comes with a built-in instant jump feature which you might know as 'No pre-jump' in some Third Party Viewers, it obsoletes these Viewer side features and allows using it with any Viewer!

*This AO's updater will not send you an empty AO, instead it will send you the script of the new version only, allowing you to just delete the old one and put the new script into your old AO, upgrading it without having to copy all your animations into the AO and re-configuring it again. I might add the the updater feature to send a completely new one if people want that.

*This AO also comes with some movement assists, all toggable separately.
**Jump movement assist allows you to strafe while jumping, before you had to wear a jump strafing attachment that allows you jumping left or right, this AO obsoletes these additional attachments as well!

Note that the script has no mod rights for obvious reasons.

Note that this is an empty AO (except the built-in pre-jump animation)


There's more to come, based on your feedback and if it's possible to implement. Leave some feedback or write me in-world if you need help.



  • Animation Override for all available animation types.
  • Notecard driven, multiple configuration Notecards.
  • Utilizes the new Server Side AO functions, works faster and more reliable.
  • Instant jump feature usually found in Third Party Viewers.
  • Updater function that does not require re-configuring the entire AO.

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Posted May 02, 2021 by Lokiande 5 stars

just what i needed for a new ao hud. simple, low script, easy on the eyes! thank you so much for making this

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How To Install AO's For Dummies (Like Me)

Posted April 03, 2020 by MorticiaDream 5 stars

1. Buy the NirAO
2. Rez NirAO onto the ground
3. Right-click the NirAO and click edit.
4. Click on the 'Content' tab.
5. Drag the animations (walk, run, typer, fly etc) from your inventory into the 'Content' tab.
6. Double click the 'Configuration' notecard.
7. Right-click the AOs inside, click properties, copy the name of the AO.
8. Paste the name of the AOs you just dragged in the correct places/order.
9. Example:
[Turn.L](Your AO for 'Turn Left' Name)
10. Save Notecard
11. Right-click and Take Copy of NirAO, and Add.
12. Profit

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