Novatech Comm Station Version 1.3.1

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This easy to use gadget lets you and and your friends chat anywhere in the sim without being tied to IM windows. Built with role-playing in mind, the comm stations work much like a real telephone. Simply touch a terminal, select an avatar or comm station, and the other side will begin to ring. If someone answers, you can talk normally in public chat, or on whatever channel you selected.

Features include animated textures and authentic sound effects, a pager for talking to the entire network at once, loudspeaker mode, hot-line mode, privacy options and full access control. There's even a ban list, should you wish to leave a comm system public except for a few particular people. The system is completely customizable, down to the displayed textures, sound effects, chat range, chat channels, etc. And you can link it with other builds, or use it in HORIZONS scenes.

This initial version includes five models. Two animated terminals, a sci-fi intercom panel, a red telephone, and a single-prim panel you can use as the basis for your own models. I have also included a wearable combadge. This works like the terminals, but only listens and speaks to the wearer, and automatically logs on if you enter a region with other comm stations.

The comm system can be used as-is by rezzing at least two of them, anywhere in the region. After rezzing, rename each station to something short and meaningful, preferably 20 characters or less. Once you have at least two rezzed, grab a friend and try them out! Touch the terminal for a menu of call stations, select one from the list, and start talking when your friend answers. To end the call, touch the terminal again and select "END CALL" from the menu.

Do you need to make an important, sim-wide announcement? The -PAGE ALL- button will call every active comm station and combadge in the sim at once, making it a snap to notify customers of sales, call security to the mall, etc. If you don't want your guests paging the network, click OPTIONS and select ALLOW PAGING to toggle it off or on.

This goes hand-in-hand with the speaker option. Speakers are one-way communicators. They do not appear on the dialing menu, and cannot be used to call out. Instead, they echo whatever is said on the pager. To turn on speaker mode, touch any comm station, click OPTIONS, and select SPEAKER.

TIP ==> Place speakers in a central location, and set their range in the config card to 96. This will cause them to shout broadcasts, instead of the normal 20m chat range.

Busy and don't want to be disturbed? You can turn any station or combadge offline from the -OPTIONS- menu. You can also set other features, such as public or private mode, access control, etc.

For more information, drop by where you can see a demo and read the full manual.

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  • Sim-wide, two-way communications
  • Includes a wearable com badge and several models
  • Vendor included. Distribute free badges to your friends

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