OFF-SIM RIDEABLE Jetski - up to 700m from shore!

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Get your Dolphin today (Jetski is trademarked, isn't it?) if your land has a beach with an underutilized off-sim ocean!

This lets you ride up to 700m off-sim (see below for limitations), no waiting at sim crossing, you won't even notice that you've left your sim!

Optimized for standalone sims and needs low maintenance at public beaches.

• your land needs 8 LI free (after rezzing this) otherwise it won't work.
• ride-able area depends on sim location (see below).
• you can try it inworld before purchase


• Off-sim territory accessible!
• 11 color options, pretty textures and reflections
• Realistic water effects
• Realistic movement
• Mind-blowing speeds with Turbo mode
• Easy controls
• Sitting height adjustable
• Volume adjustable
• Built-in lag tracker
• Automatically goes back to the original position after use - great for public use.
• Invites you to starting location if you're lost at sea
• Off-sim water accessible, have I mentioned?

Well that's it, trust me it's a great experience and they look super sexy.
Just try in-world at my beach!


If your sim has no neighbours, you can ride:
• water territories of your sim
• all off-sim area up to 700m distance

If your sim has neighbours but not on all sides, you can ride:
• water territories of your sim (neighbouring sims can't be accessed)
• neighbouring off-sim areas in 256m distance from border

On a landlocked sim (for example mainland), you can ride:
• water territories of your sim (neighbouring sims can't be accessed)

Swim height is always water level, this can't be changed.


LAND IMPACT: 8 LI/jetski, they need globally 8 more free LI for temp rez.

PERMISSIONS: copy only, sorry. For good reasons.

HAS TO BE REZZED. Not a wearable.

PHYSICS DON'T APPLY. Only collides with SL ground, not objects.

LAG CAN AFFECT THE EXPERIENCE. The script tries to compensate for that, for example you won't lose speed but you'll "jump" further.
The better server and internet connection the smoother your ride.

FUTURE FUNCTIONALITY IS NOT GUARANTEED. Linden Labs and Viewers might set limitations to the functions that make the off-sim engine currently functional. If you experience loss of functionality that previously worked, please contact the creator about possible updates. Please try inworld before purchase.

Thanks for the video to Lexia Metaller!

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  • Ride your Jetski off-sim
  • 11 Color options
  • High quality ALM textures
  • Realistic water effects
  • Volume adjustable

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Absolutely brilliant!!!

Posted November 21, 2020 by Susanne Ametza 5 stars

I rent 1/4 of a homestead and decided to try to ride into the sunset. I can ride out from my parcel to -685m before coming to a stop. I can ride round the entire homestead even though one of the other owners has ban lines in place on land. I get a warning message which says "Only members of a certain group can visit this area" but can still continue my journey through uncharted waters.

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It works!

Posted September 10, 2020 by JasminaDayspring 5 stars

My group has a homestead surrounded by SL water. We all know they don't have much room nor prims/Li to do much. So, I decided to treat people, bought the jetskis and rezzed 3. They loved them! Now we can go as a group and just float on the water away from the sim and hang out or zoom around the open water. My partner discovered that you can actually go to the very edge of the SL water before it'll send you back to the edge of the sim. I love that when you hop off, it sends the jet ski back to it's original rez point so there's no pile up of abandoned vehicles. I can't wait to try the swim and floaties ones!

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