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This handy little device is the most precise scripted avatar height measuring tool available today.

Due to an old bug, the outdated freebie height detectors are giving wrong results - usually much lower values than your avatar's actual height, and almost every viewer's appearance editor is giving totally different values.
The only precise measuring tool today is a proportionally scaled pole - like this one - with a scripted indicator to help reading your height. (You can clearly see your avatar's actual height if you stand next to this pole - and you can compare this value to the scripted indicator's result. Our goal is to keep the two numbers as close as possible by a script.)

This product is a 250 cm high wooden meter pole to show your avatar's height in standard international centimeters and British imperial units (feet & inches) - counting your shoes. It also remarks if someone's avatar is unnaturally tall for being a human.

Everybody knows the typical children's illness of newbies: the "Ogre Stature Disease" - so I have decided to give this away as a freebie to help everyone making nice and more realistic avatars.
Please feel free to take our gift - use it, or even throw it away and write a bad review if you woke up in a bad mood. :)

- Menu driven operation
- Average height of users
- Visual height indicator
- Custom, lag-free script
- Custom textures
- Free (not for resale!)

The Golden Oriole
Antiques & Curiosities

*** Many thanks to Frau Jo Yardley and the 1920's Berlin Project's community for testing this product!



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Very accurate (but maybe use with discretion)

Posted March 08, 2021 by Jaauuwn 5 stars

Very accurate and you will find that even midget avatars in SL are actually closer to 6'-0" tall in a true to scale environment but the truth is SL is anything but reality and I am not so sure we want it be. When scale accuracy becomes the most important consideration I think there are other games and hobbies better suited to our time and money than SL. In any case use with caution or only on select sims as the snarky chat comments will likely piss off 99% of your visitors. If that's what you want this is great for that!

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Doesn't actually work.

Posted October 14, 2020 by Astrium Wanderer 1 star

Seems to use llAgentHeight which doesn't actually give an accurate height estimate. If you rezz a prim and convert the size to the height you want ((Such as 5"5)) you will notice the difference. Try varying heights, and as another user will point out, the meter either doesn't change or changes very little.

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