Omega Drop and Go Teleport v1.54

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Setup made easy as falling off a prim log.

Setup is simple. Find where you want your first teleport to be. Then, drag the Omega Drop and Go Teleport onto that place on the floor or ground. It will appear there, and after a second, it will create another teleport just like itself about a meter above. Take this teleport into your inventory. Now go to the location where you want the second teleport to be. This location is only limited by two things: It has to be within the same sim, and it has to be under 768m in altitude. Anything else is fair game.

Now as you did for the first one, drag the second out of your inventory and onto the spot you want the teleport to be. Once placed, it will create a yellow beam. This is the teleport beam. Click it. You will be very quickly taken back to the first teleport location, and you will hear a sound and receive a message indicating that the teleport linking is complete. The glowing rotating ring of each teleport will also be green to indicate that


The teleports should require no other tinkering by you. If you move a teleport, the destinations will not move with it. The destinations are by global reference, not local.

The hovering text may be changed by altering each teleport's description field in the edit window. Or this field may be blanked if you wish to have no hovertext at all. Inserting a single backslash () will start a new line, allowing you to have up to three lines of text, to a maximum of 253 characters.


While the teleports are only 4 prims each, you can un-link and remove three of these. The center flattened sphere is the root prim. This can be resized, reshaped, and moulded into whatever you think a teleport should look like. The same applies to the teleport beam, which is covered more in depth below.

You can change Sit Text on the teleport beam via the Teleport Beam's description. Any word inside quotes will become new Sit Text when the beam is rezzed. (To a limit of 9 characters!) Simply pull a copy of "P2P Teleport Beam" out of the teleport, change the description field, delete the old copy inside the teleport, and place the changed one inside. Do not rename the beam! If its name is not "P2P Teleport Beam" the teleport won't find it and will NOT work. Do note that the beam changes its name upon rezzing to what its current destination vector is.

If you wish to change the color of the beam, pull a copy of the beam out, recolor, reset the scripts and then place it back inside the teleport after renaming or deleting the other beam that's in there.

If you dislike the burst of particles on teleport, simply delete the script "TeleFX" inside the teleport beam. It will throw an error if you change its color after that, so you're wise to pick a color you like, then delete the script. The error isn't fatal, but it's so annoying.



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