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Costume 1950's Actress with Wind Blown Skirt

Some days it seems to us that the teasing, and occasional showing of panties of an actresses of the 1950's were more cute, innocent and feminine than some of the total nudity of today. The point of this costume is to bring back some of that more innocent sexiness, that made a number of Hollywood actresses famous in the 1950's.

Wear as much of this costume or as little as you wish. Included in this costume are:
* Custom Skin
* Custom Shape
* Curly Platinum Hair and Cornflower Blue Eyes
* Flexi Skirt, wind blown, with a menu by clicking it
* Matching top, and sash
* Strapless prim shoes to mimic the time
* Long feminine full briefs with edge trim

And not as a costume, but it also includes a grate to use if you wish to stand over. It also of course comes with a feminine walking AO, instructions and pose stand

Actually two menus. See the photo. Click the skirt whenever you wish the main menu.


The Jacket we included just adds a sash to the skirt outfit. We believe this better matches some the styles of the 1950's.


Since some actress in the 1950's wore fancy panties with lace trim, but also long briefs, we made special ones for this occasion. The panties being long use BOTH underpants and undershirt to make them up. Wear these to mimic the times, if you wish.


This costume deals in extremes, but we call that fun. It begins with a custom 1950's actress skin and custom shape, and then adds eyes and custom prim high heels and custom hair done just for this costume. Then we add custom undies like some actresses were known to wear, fancy yet tall. But then it really got interesting when we added the custom clothes and flexi skirt - and added animations and wind control to the flexi skirt. Yes, only the skirt owner can do this, but when you wear and touch (left click) the flexi skirt, a menu appears with wind options to do wind blowing her skirt. Here are the menu commands in the skirt:

Normal - mostly a well behaved skirt with just a little response to wind

Wind1, wind2, wind3 - Uses SL wind, but also changes response to that wind for variety. Wind1 is the least active wind, and wind3 is the most active.

Gust1,gust2,gust3 - We make the wind by flexi skirt settings in three dimensions. Again, gust1 has the least effect, and gust3 the most effect.

Movie1,movie2, movie3 - This is a combination programmed animation that we sync with programmed wind skirt change and add facial expressions to simulate a typical movie scene of wind blowing from a grate and the actress responding. Again, movie1 is the least skirt movement and movie3 is the most skirt movement.

1,2,3 ? Note that in the above there are three levels. Here is an approximate idea of how the levels work for wind, gust and movie. For level 1, you likely will not see any undies. For level 2, you might see them a little, for level 3, no question, they will be shown at times.

Upskirt - yes, the skirt goes up very high and stays there and an animation shows embarrassment with of course a shocked facial expression

FacialExp = Facial Expressions - lets you choose any of several facial expressions as you are using the skirt - for wind or gust or normal. Note that this option is blocked for upskirt or for movies since facial expressions are supplied with those options. So this would normally be just an option for normal, wind or gust modes For normal mode, it will reset the facial expression to "regular." You can, after that, while still in normal, then change the facial expression.

Also for facial expressions - beginning choices are selected for wind and gust. For wind1 and gust 1, it is a smile. It is kiss facial expression for wind2, gust2, and it is a mouth opening "oh" for wind3, and gust3. And yes, you can change those wind and gust expressions - after of course you first key the main action of wind or gust.

GRATE - We added this just for fun. There is no code in it. it is just for show.

Hope you Enjoy!
Suzie Larsen and Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat

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  • Custom Skin and Shape
  • Flexi Skirt programmable for wind
  • Prim Heels
  • Undies of the 1950s
  • Prim Platinum Curly Hair and Blue Eyes

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