OnP Head Skin SL and Omega Compatible Version 04

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OnP Skins and Makeup for SL and Omega Compatible Mesh Heads

Note that these skins only include skins for heads, and not for full body.

Demo: We suggest trying the demo first. The demo only includes two skins and no makeup, but it tests whether or not the applicators we are using will work on your head. That would seem the most important item.

This product was something we wanted ourselves. We often wear mesh bodies and are quite happy with the skins they come with. That leaves the problem with either making the Second Life head look good, or getting a mesh head. That also means we just need a skin for the head, and not the whole body. We recently bought a Normie (other merchant than us) mesh head, low price and loved it. We needed a skin. The skins we looked at were far more expensive than the mesh bento head and that did not seem right. We just needed a skin for the head and neck. And so, that is what this product is. A low cost set of skin shades just for the head, and a makeup kit to go with it. We also understand that some other makers of mesh heads might also be omega ready, and therefore might work with this product as well as the Normie head. Try the demo applicators first of course.

This product is for either SL type heads or Omega compatible Mesh heads such as "Normie", the textures are mostly identical, but the means of application differ. There are 10 shades of skin available for each, and they also have about the same number and type of makeup choices.

Makeup choices include 6 shades of cheek redness from very light to the heaviest. It also includes 6 lipstick colors of red, pink, and burgundy, each with two lighter shade, and all six of those items with two selections getting to 12 total choices. Those two selections of each color are lips closed, or lips partially open, since yes, some women at rest often have their lips parted a bit. As for eye shadow, one choice is the simplest of black eyeliner only. The other five are deep colors that also include the black eyeliner. Those colors are blue, green, red, brown and violet. The SL type does include a tattoo for black lipstick as well.

Instructions - Included
While the textures for both the Second Life heads, and the textures for the Mesh Bento Omega compatible heads are often the same, the means of application can be very different. Also the concerns of how the head responds can differ. The instructions try to include both. The instructions also include some of the oddities of the Normie Head.

Photos included
If you wish to see just the heads with the head skins before makeup, you can somewhat see that in the photo for the HUD for Omega compatible skins. Most of the other photos include the makeup included with this kit. The photos were done before we added the 3 lighter color shades of red, pink and burgundy, since we felt that sometimes a more subtle color may be better, depending on the person. We also have added to the Omega hud for skins several choices for skin glossiness.

What is not included with this kit is the Maitreya body, Ikon eyes, Rezology hair, and Owl and Pussycat dress also shown in the pictures. For the Omega compatible photos, the eye brows and eye lashes are provided with the Normie Head used for the photos.

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela and on SL Marketplace.



  • Skins and Makeup for SL type heads
  • Skins and Makeup for Omega Compatible type mesh heads
  • 2 HUDs for the Omega compatible type
  • makeup choices for cheeks, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner
  • option for closed lips or slightly open lips for lipstick

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