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Quick Description: An improved Hot Air Balloon system, that allows you to copy and set up balloon tours or one way trips around your sim or even to skyboxes. A rezzing station offers your customers up to 12 choices at a single rezzing station (you can add more) for different tours or to take them to different destinations.


* Hot Air Balloons that can be programmed to go most anywhere allowed
* Several balloon design choices
* A rezzing station only one prim that allows customers to get a menu to choose different tours or destinations
* Special "warp" speed to go vertical to skyboxes faster
* Programmable rotational balloon spin to add realism
* Sim Crossings allowed, for the brave who wish to go further

* A Programmer balloon that can write the code for you as you ride around
* More Memory and more simple coding for both balloons and rezzing stations
* Rezzing station software that can make figuring rez locations for balloons much easier
* A code reverser for compatibility with older balloons and note cards from our first version, that can also allow you to revise speed or spin amount or type
* Easier Balloon customizing
* "Dock Record" that allows the balloon to go through the bottom of a skybox to dock or through other obstacles for a short distance
* Balloon code now reads simply top to bottom and is in simplified meters to make it easier to read

HOW IT WORKS - What the Customers see

The customers would see a simple sign, a single prim on your land that tells of "Balloon Rides." But this simple single prim sign is also a rezzing station. As the customers left click the sign, they get a menu of from 1 to 12 balloon tours or destinations or styles of balloons. They choose one. The balloon they choose, already programmed by you in advance, has a copy rezzed about 4 meters in front of the sign and just a bit off the ground. The customers up to 3 per balloon can board by right clicking the balloon side or one of 3 seat pads on the balloon. The balloon announces its departure time. The balloon takes off using SL physics and goes 2 meters up and steadies itself. From there the balloon goes wherever you programmed it. When the trip is over, you would program the balloon to go about 1 or 2 meters above ground at the drop off point you wish. Then you would end the flight data. Then the balloon also ends and dies and the customers drift down just shortly above ground. They of course can take another balloon trip by choosing the menu again. But that balloon they were on, the copy of the one in the rezzing station, is gone and no longer adds to your prim count.


If not in use and just the rezzing station sign, then just one prim is in usage. When a balloon is rezzed, add 18 prims for each balloon while in flight. After flight of course, the balloon "dies" and that prim count disappears.


* If no one rides, then the balloon never takes off but just dies unused clearing the space for another balloon
* Change the texture of the balloons to one of 8 we provide, or place up to four textures into a balloon, taking out the ones that might be in there, textures only, and then you can choose those textures you put in using 4 "Custom keys"
* Skyboxes - we have had warp speed to go up to skyboxes even in the first version. This is not an immediate trip, but fast and you should use "m" for mouse-look to see space skyboxes going by. In this second version we add "Dock Record" that also allows you to go through the bottom of a skybox to drop off people inside.
* We include 6 notecards, that can tell you as much as you might wish to know about this hot air balloon system. The notecards are broken down by what item they are discussing - general, or Programmer balloon, or Rezzing Station, or Code Reverser, or Troubleshooting.

Hope some others enjoy this system as well. :)

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat
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  • Large and Shorter Balloons and 1 Rezzing station to start
  • Copy = Yes means as many as you wish
  • 12 Balloon tour menu choices per Rez Station
  • New Programmer Balloon writes code as you record
  • Advanced Features for High Skyboxes and Sim Crossings

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