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THIS IS THE DEMO VERSION - It is used to check fit of the classic mesh items included before buying the full version. It does not include the hud or normal textures. It is just for fitting.

OnP Mesh Jean shorts and Strapless Top

Please try the Demos before buying. While there are 7 sizes of classic mesh for each top and jean shorts, they may not fit everyone as well as they fit our models.

We have always liked jean shorts. It seems that they often get as much or more attention than other types of clothing. Cute - in our opinion. We have done a few different versions of this over time. This latest addition was a redo of the jean shorts themselves, but also a brand new strapless top that we think can be sexy - if that is what you wish.

General: Yes, these items are all mesh. They are what are called "classic mesh" meaning that they are "rigged" to go to a certain place on the avatar body, and cannot be adjusted - other than some SL automatic size adjustment due to shape height or thickness. So height change is fine. They do not change size with some other shape changes, so try and select the correct size for your avatar. Our models shown here mostly use "4 medium" - with some variation for some of the models around that starting point.


The secret to using the Hud is to set the left side of the center column, "Face", first before changing texture, color tint or transparency. The left side is the narrow column that tells "what" to modify - "Top", or "Shorts" or other. The top has many options, but always start with "Top" since some items cannot individually be modified except as part of the whole unit.

"Top" HUD variations / options
First of all, as said above, set the face to "top" and then set up texture, color, and transparency amount to suit your tastes. Note that the order is sometimes important. Next, decide if you want some areas to just disappear. You can choose face of "neck 1" for example and then set transparency to 100% to open a bit of a neckline. If you wish, choose "neck 2" and set that to transparency 100% for a larger neckline. You could set face to "trim low" and choose 100% to make the top shorter on the bottom. To remove the apparent "tight" look of the top, you can set the face to "tight fit" and transparency to 100% for a more normal look in the bust area. Of course you need not modify any of those at all. Or you can modify neck 1, neck 2, or trim low to a lace look or whatever you wish. You might ask what "bra area" does. If you set the top to an amount of transparency, you can set the face to "bra area" and adjust that area to less transparency for more modesty. And yes, there is the jewel holding the tight top together at its top. We tend to often set its color to white, the texture to "denim", and the transparency to 30% or so to make it look a bit look a jewel.

"Shorts" HUD options
We do not restrict the shorts from being modified by texture or transparency, but we seldom do that. We tend to leave the shorts its main denim texture but sometimes tint the color pink, blue or red perhaps to better match an outfit.

SHAPE for best fit
In our photos, we may have shown usage with a number of mesh avatar types. Whether or not our photos show it all, we generally check our products on Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Tonic Curvy Body, Tonic Natural Beauty, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, eBody, TMP. But a person could also ask, what shape was used by the models? We enclosed a shape for your usage that you can modify. Some values for shapes of our models follow next in this same paragraph. We admit we designed for a flattering young (or young at heart) female also with a trim body. And so, shape breasts were set to buoyant, and belly was set to 0%, and love handles and saddle bags were set to low values. The all-important breast and bust areas on the models were an average 50%, however less should also work, and "more" might also work particularly if you are willing to use larger sizes - but to an extent, sometimes the same clothing size. As for height, we set that to an average 50%, but it seems both height and body thickness ("thickness" as in the first top section of shape change) can vary with no problems, at least in our tests. So, make your shape as tall as you wish.

Hope you Enjoy this product!

Hunter Bronet
for OnP Owl and Pussycat in SL Tissela and SL Marketplace



  • Jean Shorts and Tops, 7 sizes for each, rigged classic mesh
  • HUD that can change color, transparency and top texture
  • Low Complexity - adds less than 2000 for both to complexity on our model
  • A number of different areas of the top can be modified separately
  • NOTE: Above Features are only for the full version

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