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OnP Mesh Maitreya Western Outfit

Note: Only Works with: Maitreya mesh Avatars.

PLEASE NOTE: Please try the Demos first. They include 3 of the 5 mesh items for fitting purposes.

INCLUDES: 5 Fitmesh clothes items (2 of those include two sizes and thus 7 total items) for the Maitreya avatar. These separate items include: Western top, Western skirt, neck piece, cowgirl hat, and boots. Panties are not included even though worn by our models in the photos for modesty.

WHY SIZES? - There are 2 items that give a choice of two sizes - boots and neck piece, and one item, the hat, which you can size by yourself since it is not "rigged". The cowgirl hat explanation first. With differences in hair and style of wearing hats, we decided not to "rig" that hat but allow customers to adjust it for position and size and tilt on their own specific hair. More on that in the included instructions. In the case of the neck piece, it might not size easily, and so we included a larger neck version just in case. As for the boots, that is yet another reason why there are two sizes of those. The ones marked "boots maitreya" are designed for close fitting to maitreya bare skin. If you wish to wear nylons, we supply another boot size called nylons which has more room and was at least tested for our own style maitreya nylons. We of course did not test for all other brands.

To wear an item, it is always better in inventory to choose "add" instead of "wear." Using "add" allows multiple items to be at the same attachment point on your avatar, which you might need, while "wear" only allows one item and can lead to frustrating trouble.

HUDs - there are three
The Western Outfit Hud should be able to change the top, the skirt and at least the color of the neck piece. Note that the diamond on the neck piece should be a constant. There is a separate HUD for the hat, which can modify 4 locations of the hate, and a separate HUD for the boots, which similarly can modify 4 locations on the boots.

Then one would always start with the column labeled "Face" in order to tell the software what area to change. It is best to start with "ALL" if there is that category, since some areas can only be reached using "ALL". And it is generally a good idea to next change the texture before color or transparency since at times textures might reset colors or transparencies. Also note that while there are 8 textures on the far right, that one additional texture, "solid" (or "reset") - is the first button under transparency. Solid is just that... simple texture that you can color or make a bit transparent also if you wish.

Brightness Option
Sometimes choosing a texture, like diamond, might also set the brightness ("Bright On") control on. You can of course shut it off or add it if you find you like the effect with or without brightness. The bright on and bright off controls are at the bottom of the HUD "Face" column and affect whatever face you have currently chosen - for the HUD(s) that have that feature. Some do, some do not.

Yes, whether you choose one texture or another, you can always tint it to make it darker and a different color if it is light currently. Recall that you generally can only make a texture darker in color. However, many times we might start out with red and white lace and then add blue, or light black, or dark red, or we might color a flower pattern.

Wonder how to shorten the hems at the bottom of the shirt top and the skirt? Well, note that making something invisible is the same as setting it to transparency of 100%.

Why is this there you might ask? Let us say that you set the transparency of the dress (ALL) to 20% transparency but it showed more than you wish of your breasts. Well, you could select next, face = "bra area" and set that to 5% or 10% or so to get more cover without that being too noticeable... in our opinion.

If we ship this product allowing "modify", you might be able to right click it and go to edit tab 4 and change color, texture, and or transparency. Note that if you select "face" on the edit page that if you point at the face you wish to change, then you would only change that face.

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela and on SL Marketplace.



  • Includes fitmesh outfit for Maitreya Avatar bodies
  • Includes also: hat, neck piece, western boots
  • Includes 3 different HUDs fpr outfit, hat and boots
  • the HUDs in addition can modify textures and transparency

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