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OnP SL Facial Makeup

Note that this is intended for usage only with Second Life heads and faces, and not with Mesh or Bento or similar type other heads. However, also note that many of us do keep our Second Life heads and face of course, also even though we otherwise have a mesh avatar body.

As many of our products, we do not begin the projects as something to sell. Instead it is for an item which we ourselves would like. Yes, we saw other makeup products available for Second Life Heads and Faces. But we wanted more items and also full color control and at least some control of "strength" or apparent thickness of application.

Five Types of Facial Makeup including: Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Cheek Blush, and Beauty Mark. Of those five types, there are 20 items included, tattoos, that can be used separately or a number of them at the same time to give you the effect hopefully that you wish. The five types become 20 items since they allow different "strengths" - different thickness of application that we found helpful. You can also change the color of all of the five items individually and thus wear 5 items of 5 different shades of colors if you wish.

Understanding the selection
A few of the selections give a starting color, but you can always modify the color to the color you wish. We begin with perhaps the most common colors of red for lipstick, black for eyeliner, blue for eye shadow, red for cheek blush, and black for beauty mark. Each of these can have their color modified. As for strengths, or how "thick" the application seems, we use transparency. For example t70 means 70% transparent, and will be more transparent and less "thick" of an application than say t50 which means 50% transparent.

Modifying the Color
Seen these are used with Second Life faces, we allow modify and allow the Second Life color choices. This should mean that you can select any RGB color that you wish. All of the makeup items begin with a neutral pure white color, meaning that all other colors can be added and should work.

How to do this? Wear a copy of the item that you wish from your inventory. In your inventory, then right click the item and select "edit". Then when the edit screen appears, please note that you wish to change color and not texture. Click the color item in the lower right hand corner of the edit screen, and Second Life color selections pop up on your screen. Choose the color that suits you and choose "OK". Then on the bottom of the edit screen, click "Save As" and choose a name to call this new makeup item and color shade.


Remember that you can wear multiple tattoo makeup items at the same time. Just be sure and right click the item to add in your inventory and choose "add" instead of "wear". The "add" option allows multiple attach items at the same time.

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela and on SL Marketplace.



  • Five Types of Makeup - Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, lipstick, Cheek Blush, Beauty Marks
  • COPY and MODIFY - so set to any rgb color you wish
  • Can wear one item or all five at once by using "add" in inventory
  • Different "strengths" or thickiness on items

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