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OnP Visitor Information Software

What it does
It gives information on visitors to your home or store. Until reset, it will tell the legacy name, the number of visits, the total time on your parcel, and also the date and time of the first visit. This then allows you to make decisions about how well your store is doing, or perhaps who you might want to ban from your land.

What it does not do:
It does not stop or ban people. Therefore casual visitors on your land by accident or briefly do not get penalized. At least not by this product.

This product can be used either for a home or store, since we might want the same information. Of course, people spending time in your store and looking around and coming back is a good sign that store might have a good appearance and or good products. But the home might be a different story. Any person might just accidentally land or pass through your land. It is up to you and me if we should care about those folks. I am fine with the casual person walking by. But if someone spends multiple visits plus much time on our land, we might wonder what they are doing. If it seems blatant, then we might consider banning them using just the normal ban that each Second Life parcel has. This product therefore has a different direction than ban lines or security systems. In this case, you, and not software, is deciding what to do.

* Records legacy name of each visitor, number of visits, total time, and date and time of first visit
* Only lists people on your owned parcel
* Includes yes list for perhaps 10, or a bit more people that you might expect to be on your land. Then for output, it separates the yes list from the visitor list who are not on the yes list, since you likely will view those lists very differently
* Comes in three shapes, each set to phantom meaning you can walk them. Or simply hide them or show them as you wish. You can modify the shape if you wish, or color or texture
* The people on your yes list that you supply on a notecard can also view the list of arrivals, and a more complete list that includes whom is here now on the parcel. But only the owner can change the settings or clear the list
* No need to set to group for group land, since it does not ban people by itself. Therefore owner controlled.

The first two items, "SeeList" and "SeeAll" can be accessed by owner or anyone on the yes list. The other items are only useable by the owner for safety sake. "SeeAll" also shows the lists of who is on the parcel now.

---- OWNER ONLY ----
* ClearList - if running low on memory
* YesList - The people on the notecard that you said were yes list people that you expect might be here often.
* Who is Here - shows the people currently on the parcel within range. This is also given at the end of the "SeeAll" command selection.
* Off and On - turns the sensor off an on. The program begins in the On mode for safety.
* Show and Hide to make it even less obvious

Copying List Data to Word Processing to save it
Yes, of course if your list is getting long and you will need to reset it, you can hit "SeeList" and send data to your chatbox. Once there, you can highlight it and copy and save it to a notecard or word processing program if you wish.

My Opinion
I love this thing. A person once told me that "knowledge is power". I can see that knowledge of more of what is happening has been a great help at my store and at my house. For my store, I want to encourage people spending time there. For my home, I do not wish to harm the accidental visitor or the short term visitor passing by. The knowledge from this product helps me decide what decisions to make.

Hunter Bronet



  • Use at Store, Home, or other - only lists people on YOUR parcel
  • Gives information to help you decide land changes
  • Separate Yes list from Visitors from those you expect
  • readout of name, visits, total time, first date of entry
  • object is single prim or put software inside what you wish

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