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Bar stools menu driven - 4 different styles. Copy and make as many copies as you like, or even modify the textures or color yourself. They are each 1 prim apiece and all menu driven. You first sit on the stool, and then left click the bar stool again. Then a menu comes up and you have a choice of changing direction using turning right or turning left or turning around. The four directions this bar stool can face are the same as Second Life North, South, East and West. You have a choice sitting normal, cross legged, or cross feet - so 3 styles of sitting and four possible directions to face.

This is the first bar stool that we can say we like. Too often bar stools only face one direction and that always seems to be the wrong direction for the person you are talking to. Well, this bar stool can face Second Life North, South, East or West via menu while sitting on it and selecting turning right, left or around. Also while no bar stool can claim that it can work with all drinking scripts in glasses, this bar stool tries very hard. The animations are not top priority in this bar stool but are priority 3, which would allow a drinking animation if done well and priority 4 (normal and top priority) can take over at least the hands and face for drinking. We also change direction by changing bar stool direction. What this does is always have the bar stool animation facing forward - which should mean the least conflict with drinking animations. So while we cannot guarantee that these bar stools work with all drink animations, we went to extremes to make our bar stool scripts and animations as good as possible to make working with drink animations as good as possible.



  • Anims built in
  • Can face any of four directions to face people
  • Gives choices of feet normal, legs crossed or feet crossed
  • Can drink drinks while sitting on bar stool with our options

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