OnP mesh maitreya camisk

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OnP Mesh Maitreya Camisk

Note: Only Works with: Maitreya mesh Avatars.

PLEASE NOTE: Please try the Demos first. They include some of the mesh items for fitting purposes.

A Camisk begins as perhaps the simplest possible item of clothing. It begins as a rectangle with a hole in the center for the head. Then the front and back halves are draped over the body and a sash is used around the mid section to hold the front and back portions close to your body. That is how it begins and some simple textures are provided for that look. However, this design does not need to stay simple. Some HUD adjustments can also change texture to lace, and the sash to shiny, and some cutouts can open up the neck area to make it more sexy. And so the HUD gives the option of simple to sexy.

INCLUDES: 2 mesh items: 2 samples of the Camisk, one normal and one for a more sexy usage. Of course both are the same mesh with different HUD changes. And of course the HUD is included, as well as some physics samples for body jiggle and a shape that you can modify as well.

To wear an item, it is always better in inventory to choose "add" instead of "wear." Using "add" allows multiple items to be at the same attachment point on your avatar, which you might need, while "wear" only allows one item and can lead to frustrating trouble.

Using the HUD -
Wear the item(s) first that you wish to modify. Then bring up the HUD. Note that you should be able to change the HUD position on the screen, or if not on the screen, right click the hud in inventory and set it to HUD center, and move it from there.

General: Always select the item in the "face" column first, that you wish to modify. We often start with "ALL" to get the theme underway before deciding which changes to make on individual areas.

Making Items Invisible
You can make some items invisible if you wish by choosing the item in the "face" column and then setting it to 100% transparent. If you decide, for example, that you wish the skirt shorter, you can eliminate "hems" at the bottom beginning with hem 1 before hem 2 before hem 3. Just set hem 1 for example to transparency = 100% to make it invisible. And of course similarly with the open neck areas, 1 and 2 You can set them to 100% invisible one at a time to open up the neck area.

The only hard and fast rule is "What works for you?" However we often see the 3 lace choices as perhaps mostly used with "sexy" and the sash (belt) shiny at the same time. For normal usage perhaps cotton or fur or one of the torn or dirty options. And of course a solid choice from the transparency column is such a normal one that it might work for either.

Some are available on the HUD. If we ship this product allowing "modify", you might be able to right click it and go to edit tab 4 and change color, texture, and or transparency. Note that if you select "face" on the edit page that if you point at the face you wish to change, then you would only change that face.

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet for OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela and on SL Marketplace.



  • Includes fitmesh outfit for Maitreya Avatar bodies
  • Includes 2 styles of fitmesh camisks
  • Includes a HUD that can change color, transparency, and texture
  • Some textures are included in the hud for normal or sexy look

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