Overlord - Defusable Bomb Suitcase with Animation Overrider

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Chasis ID: Modified NOR_LUGGAGE with 3 BAT-357 Batteries and a Class I CPU unit
Call Name: Overlord
Orginal Name: Life-Line - Life Support Backup batteries.
Design Purpose: Originally for replacing life support batteries on tiny space faring vehicles, made into an improvised explosive device.

Crafter: Matti Deigan
Main Shop:
The Overlord:

Plasma Overcharge Improvised Explosive Device:

During the corporate space age, new technologies emerged for cleaner
and better energy sources and storage. But storing energy always has its risks.
Overcharging certain power cells 3 times its capacity in many cases release all of
its energy, with enough power to flatten a high rise.

The Overlord was originally simple method of transport and storage of the power cells from factory to destination, however it ended up being used in much
less peaceful purposes.

There was a brief moment, in which arose new generations of improvised
explosives, which used power packs and plasma batteries, instead of
conventional explosive chemicals damage.

Due to the small size of the power cells, they can be easily fitted into Luggage,
without much repercussions... at least until high-level energy scanners came into use.

The Overlord, is a modded tri-powercell maintenance briefcase, modified with a cpu and a timer and an overcharge capability to the levels of destructive release.

Even if you dont use the explosive capabilities, the AO for holding the suitcase may appeal to you as well.

****** NOTICE *******
This is a Mini-Game item:

Matti Deigan is not responsible for what this device maybe used for.

please see notecard for more info:

****** Features ******
- Explosive device with an radius of around 40 meters
- Hybrid effects: Uses everything from prims to particle effects to sculpties.
- Disguised as a Low prim Briefcase that you avatar carries around. This is used to plant the "bomb"
- Custom Animation Overrider for the Briefcase.
- Standing, walking, running, turning, crouching,
- Set your own code,
- Three modes of Disarming:
- Technician - Have patience to cut the right wires in order by the time limit. when one is cut, another is activated and the timer speeds up. Act Fast. Test the wires if they are active or not. If there is an ample amount of time to defuse, this is restricted to one wire, without knowledge of which one is active or not.
- Hacker - Use your IT knowledge to get the code, Find the code by finding the pairs, or identified encoded codes, and solving them.
- Guess - Are you feeling lucky? Third time is a charm.

There are a number of tries settable by the planter, but its restricted to a minimum of 3 tries. Timer minimum is 1 minute.

- Movie/Dummy mode: Surprise your friends: have the bomb stop on the last second while they are scrambling to disable the bomb. Could also be used as practice., but should they know?
- Working 1 prim Keypad.
26 prims.

Defusal guide is attached on the bomb

******* Help *******

To plant the bomb, have the overlord attached and press crouch and up. Or simply click the bomb case and then press Plant (or type /5 plant)

Do note that after planting a bomb, you have a minute cooldown before the briefcase appears again and allows you to use it.

******** Commands *********

All commands are said in channel 5.

menu - Opens up the menu
timer - Opens up the quick set time menu
timer #:# - sets time to minutes:seconds
settings - opens up the setting menu
max tries - opens up the quick max tries menu

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  • Defusable Bomb, 3 Methods of Defusal
  • Animation Overrider
  • Suitcase
  • Mini-game

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It maybe old but it gold

Posted July 13, 2020 by Ulan Ashland 5 stars

I brought this back in 2014, now writting my review in 2020, so basically this case may look obsolette and bit "blocky" in comparing to other super-ultra-mesh modern things but...in terms of roleplay it's really a brilliant thing. defusion system is great and effects looks nice even on today's terms of graphics.

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So worth it!

Posted April 18, 2016 by Markusblade453 5 stars

I absolutely love this thing! Not only can you blow crap up, but you can laugh as you watch your friends try to diffuse it!

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  • 4.73 stars Reviews (15)

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