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Suntak Parish, Tidaholm, Sweden
Late 12th Century

Suntaks Gamla Kyrka (Old church of Suntak) is a pastoral church of Romanesque construction located in the village community of Tidaholm, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. Originally built with local stone during the late 1100s, its present form dates from the 1700s. The ceiling's plafond art was painted in 1767 by Andreas Wetterling, an artisan from the neighboring community of Acklinga, and depicts scenes from the "Book of Genesis" and the "New Testament." The interior walls and altar screens are adorned with "kurbits" style decoration popular during the 18th and 19th centuries. Set into the nave floor is a "Liljesten" (Lily Stone). Surviving lily stones, which blend elements from Christianity and Old Norse beliefs prior to the Conversion, are rare indeed and their meaning is still debated -- it is believed that walking over one brings good luck.

A demo of versions 1 & 6 may be rezzed inworld at POST. Choose the category "Variete" on the demo rezzer.

Before purchasing this build, please make sure the structure will fit and rez on your property. This building contains megaprims.

POST: Suntaks Gamla Kyrka comes in 6 versions:
COPY / MODIFY / No Transfer

Versions 1 through 3 are decorated with traditional kurbits motifs.
Versions 4 through 6 have plain walls of undecorated limestone throughout.

FOOTPRINT: 24M x 27M x 19M

Versions 1 & 4:
2nd story loft and two hearths
430 prims required to rez. (Base structure: 289 prims / additional prims: 141)

Versions 2 & 5:
Closed ceiling over nave / no loft / one hearth
358 prims required to rez. (Base structure: 230 prims / additional prims: 128)

Versions 3 & 6:
Open nave with exposed beamed roof / no loft / one hearth
388 prims required to rez. (Base structure: 260 prims / additional prims: 128)

Additional prims include:
Sacristy Hearth: 12
Loft Hearth: 13
Animated Pulpit (2 styles): 13
Old Stone Altar: 4
Worn Carpets: 2
White Votives: 11
Foundation boulders: 7
Hanging Pricket Lamp: 24
Altar Screens (6 variations): 9 - 29
POST: Bremen Pricket Lamp: 24
POST: Dunwich Altar Set: 23
POST: Abbey Font: 3

Plafond Ceiling: The ceiling texture in versions 1 & 4 is changeable via menu. Options: Genesis, New Testament, Plain whitewashed boards
Altar Screens: 6 variations of altar screens can be rezzed into place from a built in rezzer. Prims range between 9 & 29 prims.
Base Prim Count: The base structure prim count is the minimum amount of prims used in the building's stripped down state. To try reducing this base number of prims through modifications is unrealistic.
Seams: The structure of the building contains several "cut" prims. Under certain lighting conditions the texture on cut prims will render differently to adjacent non-cut prims. This is a graphics anomaly of how the SL viewer's engine renders the faces of prims. These cut prims may appear darker creating a visible line or seam most often apparent during sunrise or sunset, or with a lamp placed very close to a wall. When viewing the demo, you may wish to switch through different times of day.

Doors are lockable.
There are no privacy windows.

Although the building is modifiable, please consider carefully any changes you make. The textures used in its creation are not for sale and will not be given out to use in any customizations. This is an air-tight policy — no exceptions. Please rez another copy in the event of any unfortunate disfigurement.

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the best ..

Posted August 02, 2017 by Ethan Paslong 5 stars

still the best chapel /church i ever seen on SL
bit high in prim, but worth it.

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Just beautiful

Posted November 28, 2015 by MoldyLocks 5 stars

There's nothing about this build that I don't like. It has a beautiful design and comes with all the versions. Cool thing I've never seen a build in SL do: when you move a fireplace, its chimney (that smokes!) automatically moves with it so its in a proper position on the roof!

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