PRIMAL LIFE ~ Survival Game System ~ Prehistorica: the Dawn Kingdoms Version 1.125

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***NB: This Survival Game was designed for the Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms sim experience and currently WILL NOT WORK outside these sims! Remember to stop by to level your dinos!**

BECOME THE DINOSAUR with this exclusive Survival Game designed for the PREHISTORICA the Dawn Kingdoms sims: Fort Nowhere, the Creche and the Cauldron!

Worn together with your Dawn Kingdoms dinosaur or dragon avatar, this HUD-based game system registers your creature with the Prehistorica Experience to record your progress and load your beast's stats and levels each time you wear it.

Explore the primal landscape and interact with it - finding food in the form of plants, carrion or fish to suit your animal's needs, as well as drinking from water sources scattered throughout the landscape. If you strip bare your resources, you'll be forced to move on or risk disease and starvation!

Hunt primbot prey that spawns out of the environment - specific to each zone and eco-system in the three sims - or be hunted by giant predatory bosses! Beware Titanoboa, Terror Birds or Deinosuchus on land, or plunge into the depths as a Marine Reptile to face Dunkleosteus, Megalodon or the Colossal Squid!

If you're tired of fighting bots, challenge your friends with Combat Mode and put your battle skills to the test!

All stats and scores are stored within the Prehistorica Experience database - so your progress is saved no matter how many times you log out or take off your HUD!

Each creature has its own unique stats and abilities and are strategically different. Dragons can blast enemies with their breath weapons, but need to be careful of stamina; herbivores recover health quickly and become stronger when they're backed into a corner, whilst carnivores get mightier as they attack and kill but need to fear taking damage on return. Use your strongest attacks to whallop enemies, or use faster and weaker ones to conserve Stamina - you don't want to enter Exhaustion mode in the middle of a fight!

This fully supported combat and survival game is an integral part of the Prehistorica experience, and we're proud to offer it!

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  • HUD survival game system exclusively for Prehistorica avatars and sims
  • Level your beast with Experience-stored progress and stats
  • Hunt, feed, drink and survive across three vast prehistoric landscapes
  • Strategic Species - vary your tactics for different dinos and dragons!
  • Interactive World - Fight primbot prey or challenge your friends!

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