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The Original, Parents little helper.
I have met many SL parents with a common problem. Their SL kids go AFK, can be a mall or any other public place you'd rather not leave your children un-attended. Most small children wouldn't want to find themselves alone in a strange place. This will give the parents the ability to pick up and carry, or even teleport their children home, put them in their PJ's and tuck them into bed even if they are away from the keyboard the entire time.

Being able to care for your child like this makes Lil helper Essential for Childcare, and the experience of being a child.

✔ Carry the wearer, (3kids comfortably) 4 positions, 5 original animations
* Works for Kids, Mesh Kids, and tinys
* typically can be carried across sim borders.
* Both the wearer and the carrier can adjust pose and postiion.

✔ Teleport them even if they're afk
* Just touch their head, select "TP", and for the next 5 minutes, they'll automatically accept your standard SL TP offers.

✔ Hold your child's hand to keep them close in places you can't carry
* auto sets the Teleport feature if you tp away from them.
* You get a reminder IM a few seconds after you tp away.
* Kids can request their hand be held by someone, even if that person's not on the access list.
* if the wearer requests someone’s hand, the target can accept their hand (which the wearer can let go of later) or 'Take' it, where only the target can let go.
* Nobody else can take your child’s hand while you have it.
* typically works crossing sim borders.

✔ Send them home

✔ Put your child in Time out.
* rezzes a timeout block
* up to 20 min max
* attempts to leave timeout early will re-sit and reset the timer.
* adult can sit on the block as well and lecture. (forbids kids from standing until the parent stands)
* Limited Camera surfing, inventory, IMs, teleport, edit, far touch while in timeout.
* won’t be able to edit or return their own block.
* only the person who started the timeout can set, end or update the timer.
* the child will not be notified when the timeout is over. The person who initiated it will receive an IM that the time is up and they should ask for their apology.
* if the parent is sitting, the child can click the block for a hug animation.

✔ Includes mouth soap to wash out dirty mouths

✔ Give your child treats, candy and drinks

✔ Detailed RLV restrictions are available as well
* "Cover mouth", and "Cover Eyes" restrictions have a 5-minute expiration time
* the Dependent setting gives you that experience of relying on adults to get around in SL. (SL feel big again, and you think 2x about being a brat when you need those adults to help you get around, and do things in sl, and they get the opportunity to be needed.)

✔ Compatible with legacy SL Kids, tinys, Toddleedo, Bebe, and many Mesh avi's out there.

✔ the PANIC button
* If the wearer restricted from TP or are lost with no help nearby, Hit the Panic button and be sent home safely.

✔ Limited range to open the menu, because it's poor RP to be able to put your child in timeout from 4,000m away :-(
* 4m is the default distance, but can be changed or disabled via the config notecard inside

✔ Change Outfits
* Wearer and friend accessible
* can have a hairstyle category
* add/remove extra attachments like Bibs, toys, car seats, or whatever.

✔ Free updates!!

✔ original animations and efficient scripting

❊ Used by many ADULTS too, because going AFK is a thing.
❊ The punishments and restriction features are disabled by default, but are easily enabled with just a few clicks. (Essential if you’re the adult)

** Due to the nature of no-transfer permissions and the free updates, I cannot give refunds.

This is worn by the child...
The wearer will need An RestrainedLove(RLV) enabled viewer to use this such as Firestorm, CoolVL, Emergence, Exodus, Nirans, Catznip, and Singularity or other of the RLV Capable viewers out there...

You will receive a gift able box, which is no-copy but can be given to someone else... use the script to "Open" it. once the giftable box is opened, it is not-transfer/no refund.

Can find it in world @
(All my items are usually a little cheaper in-world! please visit my shop!)

PS. This is created for Kids Role play, it is NOT a "Collar", and is by no means a way to keep your kid under lock and key, Kids typically have the ability to Trust or depend on another nearby "adult" who may liberate/free them from being restricted or grounded.

See item in Second Life ®



  • PG RLV (no creepy restrictions)
  • works for kids and MeshKids Tinys and Furries
  • More realistic and role play orented, kids cant be grabbed from 40m away.
  • Simple menus with less clicking.
  • Free Updates

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Best product!

Posted May 10, 2020 by AriaEven 5 stars

After you learn how to use it, is amazing! Good features and carry option is lovely! Also the owner is very nice. Thank you

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Wonderful Product & Service!

Posted March 05, 2019 by LanaSian 5 stars

So I bought this alongside The Sweet Baby Care Hud this that was advertising that they are connected up. After having problems with it, Kei met up with me, IMed me, took snaps and helped me through the set up of the parents helper, she is an awesome person and very very very helpful.
100 + stars if I could hon.
Definitely recommend this product to babies and their mothers xx

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