PartiTextDisplay *0.003ms* Single prim particle-based character display Version 1.022811.1956

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Communicate important information to visitors of your shop or venue with this single prim low-lag character display gadget. Capable of displaying up to 30 character per line, this particle-based (not temp rez) gadget can be stacked for multiple line display and controlled by the owner or dynamically updated by a nearby prim owned by the same avatar. Permissions include modify (for resizing the object), copy, and no-transfer. All scripts are no-modify.

Configuration of PartiText is very easy...

1. Rez & resize PartiText prim to size you want characters to be, rotate to set direction.
2. Rez copies of the PartiText display either below or next to the original one.
3. Change listen channel and tint color in the object's description tab for each line.
- Blue, Orange, Cyan, Pink, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Purple, or Black.
4. The gadget will auto-detect the new description and restart the display.
5. Type "/#### message" without quotes where #### is the channel number
- Nearby prims owned by you can also chat on the same channel to set the text.
6. Check behind any walls to ensure that the particles aren't bleeding through.
7. (OPTIONAL) Retexture and/or recolor the emitter, fully transparent if you want.
8. (OPTIONAL) Replace notecard in contents tab to change font then modify description.

Notecard/Font Customization
The notecard is read when the gadget is first rezzed (or script reset) to load into memory texture UUID's for each character. If a message is sent to the gadget and this notecard does not have a corresponding texture UUID then a 100% transparent texture will replace that character. You are welcome to upload your own font and change this notecard at will including adding any other characters or symbols that you desire.

EXAMPLE: A afab87a9-2aa6-ab23-9e81-02b22faef20c

"A" = The character to be displayed
" " = Separated by a space character
"afab87a9-2aa6-ab23-9e81-02b22faef20c" = Texture uuid for the letter "A"

Helpful Tip: If you need to know the uuid/key of a texture, find it in your inventory, right click it and select "Copy Asset UUID" then paste it into a notecard by pressing CTRL+V. The included public domain font was obtained from

A Note About "ms": One of the many factors that contributes towards lag in Second Life is how many milliseconds of time is used by a script on a regular basis. With all other things being equal (i.e. memory usage) a collection of high-resource scripts will eventually slow a server/sim down. A script that uses additional resources temporarily while switching modes or processing data is less of a concern than those constantly using a lot of resources. Sim owners have a tool known as "Top Scripts" to determine which scripts utilize the most.
With this information they may choose to restrict the use of or eliminate those scripts that have a tendancy of using lots of resources. For more information:

The posted "ms" was obtained from a Homestead, this sim type typically indicates a higher resource usage than a private estate or the mainland.

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