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Perfect for the holiday season or any time of year a glowing tree is required. This re-sizable particle generated tree can be enjoyed by everyone whether it be at home, in a store, or any other festive environments. The tree settings are easily adjustable via a menu-driven settings available by clicking the base of the tree to change the tree color itself as well as the light colors. Permissions are Yes-Modify(except scripts), Yes-Copy, No-Transfer.

Setup and configuration of the tree is very easy...

1. Rez the tree on a surface and if needed lower so bottom rests on a flat floor/ground.
2. Resize tree small or large, edit linked parts if you want the base/trunk a different ratio.
3. Click the tree's base/trunk to configure tree color, light color, or to turn particles off.

A Note About "ms": One of the many factors that contributes towards lag in Second Life is how many milliseconds of time is used by a script on a regular basis. With all other things being equal (i.e. memory usage) a collection of high-resource scripts will eventually slow a server/sim down. A script that uses additional resources temporarily while switching modes or processing data is less of a concern than those constantly using a lot of resources. Sim owners have a tool known as "Top Scripts" to determine which scripts utilize the most.With this information they may choose to restrict the use of or eliminate those scripts that have a tendency of using lots of resources. For more information:

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  • Menu-driven configuration, no need to edit a notecard
  • Tree can be one of nine available colors
  • Light color can either be all white or random colors
  • Only two prims (one for base, the other for particle emitter)
  • Tree can be resized small to fit on a table or large to fill up 1/8 sim

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Kerhop Seattle
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Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
    See product details for permissions info
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 2