Particle FX Effect - Furry Energy by Drake [FULL PERM] - Particle Script and Texture Version 2.0

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This is a FULL PERM particle effect script that was created by Drake Faudeburgh using the Easy FX Particle Generator.

NEW v2.0 2018
Each particle effect has been revised to reduce lag!
Each particle effect comes with a unique code that is only for use with Easy FX products.
The code is called Easy FX Code.
Now you can simply drop the note card into a particle station gadget, or use my 'FREE Easy FX Code Reader - Particle FX Controller Scripts' that you can get at my store or in any bundle pack we sell.

Here is a list of the products that the Easy FX Codes are compatible with:
Easy FX Particle Generator v3.5
Easy FX Particle HUD v3.5
Easy FX Commander HUD v3.5

*Easy FX Codes are for optional use and are not compatible with any other system.
*You can not copy/paste an Easy FX Code into an lsl Script. It can only be read by a 'Particle Configuration' note card inside of an Easy FX product.

The lsl particle scripts are only coded to burst the particle effect while the script is running and have no other options. However, you can grab a free copy of my 'Free Particle Script Pack by Drake [FULL PERM]' to utilize these particles in normal scripts.

-You may use the particle scripts in any of your own creations.
-You may create products that use the effects and sell them as long as your product is not primarily based on the particle effects.
-You may not sell the particle effects or scripts by themselves or in a script pack and they may not be given out as a freebie.
-You may give a copy of the effects to another member of your builders group.

*We do not support the use of our products on any other grid except Second Life.
If the particle effects are imported to another grid, the texture UUID will not load because it is only stored on SL servers.

*The Particle Effect (script) is delivered inside of an invisible (transparent textured) prim.
*The particle effects are delivered this way so that builders can simply link them to other objects fast and so that the particle effects look as pictured upon delivery.
*Second life handles invisible objects differently than solid objects (example: so you can have an invisible shield on and still be able to select things around you).
*For this reason we have added the following Frequently Asked Question:
How Do I Pick Up The Invisible Particle Prim? I Can't Select It!
To Pick Up the Invisible Particle Object:
1. You must be in 'edit mode' (by selecting any object nearby and clicking 'edit' in the options menu)
2. Click-And-Drag the curser around the particle effect until the invisible sphere is selected (*check the edit window to make sure it say's only 1 object is selected)
3. Now you have the object selected and you may delete it or copy it or modify it =P
*You may also Press-And-Hold CTR+ALT+T to toggle transparent objects on and off (invisible objects will be shown in red) so that you can easily select the objects you are looking for.
*Press-And-Hold CTR+ALT+T again to toggle the transparent view off again.

Questions or Comments? Contact Drake Faudeburgh

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  • Particle Texture UUID is included inside of the script
  • Script is Full Permissions
  • Created by Drake Faudeburgh
  • You can manually change the Color (vector) inside of the script
  • Low Price

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Particle Station - Animation Station - Gamer Station
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