Party Sleigh Wagon Version 2

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With the New Year like.. uhhh.. tomorrow! We bid farewell to a particularly dismal twenty twenty, and hope for a much better twenty twenty one! So Cheers to the New Year! And with that, here are two fantastic Ubers.. The Ubers of Today, yesterday, and even tomorrow! They are timeless!

So let's get right down to it!

It matters not if you got the sleigh or the wagon, pretty much it's all the same. Well all except for the number of Avatars you can take along for the ride. So we'll just state that right up front yeah?

Teeglepet *Rezzed & attatched* wagon or sleigh. Only 3 Avatars can ride. Driver, and two seats.. don't worry, your passengers are completely socially distanced ;)

Teeglepet Worn/Companioned *3 avatars* and you're all on the horse.

Instructions regarding Teeglepets included

Okay! So here's what you get, each respective of either the sleigh or the wagon, unless you get both for the discounted price.

Display Version - Does not move, but all seats scripted (lower LI.. 13 for sleigh - 18 for wagon)

Teeglepets - instructions are at the top along with caveat. Only 3 seats, animations included to add to sleigh/wagon + Base Cart Notecard already configured. (With harnessed Fresian Teeglepet attatched, 68 for wagon, 69 for sleigh)

Horse Avatar - Fitted to the Teeager animesh horse avi (adjustments may be needed if you are using another mesh horse (works for Teegle, WH, and LP horse avatars) Seats 7 + horse avatar. Animations are located in the seats, the base of the wagon/sleigh, and the support poles on either side of the wagon/sleigh. Flat terrain is great for even prim/LL ground. RT is great for MESH and uneven terrain that may be harder to get over... you may notice "drift" on the RT version. That's SL can't help that. just keep tapping the up arrow to right yourself. annoying yes, but your driver shouldn't have left you alone so long!

Human Driven - Same as Horse avatar, only you'll wear your favorite prim horse to drive it. Or .. if you're industrious and in the modern era, lose the horse and drive it yourself!

Neat feature. Under the sleigh there is a snow shredder! It doesn't spin, but it's a great explanation as to how you got thorugh that crazy high snow drift! Good on you!

The horse avatar versions are between 14 and 20 LI, same as the human driven

in all of the wagons except the Teeglepet versions you have a choice between a number of different fabulous animations, even the driver can turn around and chat with the passengers

So! Stay safe, have fun and have a very happy New year!! Here is to a MUCH improved 2021!!! *hugs and loves ♥ from yours truly, right here at Out On A Whim!*

Questions? Need Help? It's all free. Contact DD, if it helps you, it helps me!

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  • Teeglepet compatible instructions included
  • horse avatar, bento and animesh
  • seats 7 on horse avatar,seats 3 on Teeglepet
  • several versions included
  • Turning wheels

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