Paws Controller - Extended Paws Functionality Version 1.2.5

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* Old Paws heads are not directly supported, and thus are not guaranteed to work and will not have full functionality (Usually the jaw is seperate, meaning no flappy jaw). Many features may still work, however. For example: blinking, texturing, etc.

* Bento Paws heads are also not supported!


[UPDATE JUNE 6 2018]
Creators should update due to an additional script for the texture applier. Read the applier readme.

[UPDATE OCT 25, 2017]
Sloth head now supported, sloth eyelash UV added. You can use the update card to grab this update if you have already purchased!

I'm pleased to introduce a kit that extends functionality and customization of the Paws heads beyond your imagination. It should work on all Paws heads, but since I do not own every single one, I've only tested about 7 of them between myself and my friends. If a head you own does not work, please contact me with a description of the problem and the name of the head. PLEASE READ THE README NOTECARDS |||FIRST||| BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME. THESE NOTECARDS HAVE SOME NOTES IN THEM THAT MAY SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.

There are a ridiculous amount of features in this kit, allowing for an incredible amount of new opportunity for developers, texture artists, and users in general.

Here's a list of current features
- Texture Applier: Sell your Head and Eyelash textures securely and easily! (Note that your customers also require the Paws Controller script, or an extra script you can include which included in this bundle!)

- Eyelash Texturing: A UV for the Paws eyelashes (Or most of them, at least) is included in this box. Texture your eyelashes and then apply them with the HUD, or sell them in the Texture Applier!

- Commands: Command the head script through a channel to make plugins or added features to accessories!

- Blinking: It blinks!

- Flappy Jaw: Your jaw moves when you type or speak!

- Eye States: Have those sexy bedroom eyes... Or not. It will also blink in all eye states! You can even add new eye states, if you are determined enough. They will work!

- Jaw States: Open and close your mouth to varying amount! Flappy jaw will work with all jaw states. You can even add new jaw states, if you are determined enough. They will work!

- Better HUD: Responsive, extensive HUD for customization.

- Easier Texturing: Texture your Paws head using the HUD easily (With varying success), or by using supporting appliers. No more rezzing your head on the ground and fumbling around!

- Sim-friendly Script: Only one low-memory, low-CPU script means everyone's happy!

- FREE UPDATES!: Something doesn't work? Contact me and it will be updated. Free updates for all!

- The scripts and hud are no-transfer and no-modify, you will have to rez your head to place the script into it.

- The texture applier is full permission, however the script inside of it is no-modify.

- The Eyelash UV is full permission. Save it to your computer and draw some eyelashes!


I hope you all enjoy this kit at such a reasonable price. I mostly just want to make a more enjoyable and customizable experience for all!



  • Sell your texture sets in a TEXTURE APPLIER!
  • Make, apply, and sell EYELASH TEXTURES!
  • Develop plugins using extensive commands!
  • More sim-friendly!
  • Works for MOST Paws Heads, new and old*!

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Posted May 18, 2020 by GoldenHeartedKitty 5 stars

I've been using Paws heads for years, ever since Paws released the Sloth head. I've seen this product on the market multiple times and didn't think too much of it... Recently I've been using the Paws Horse Head and I absolutely hated the fact it came with no state HUD and the eyelashes kept reverting back to the original texture. I am so incredibly glad I checked this out because it definitely saved me and my friend, who uses Paws heads a good chunk of the time and has issues with the eyelashes staying invisible, the extra trouble. Thank you so much for saving our furry little lives!

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Really good, just need all more to it.

Posted November 08, 2019 by JammySweetnsour 4 stars

This a great controller, all it needs the support for separate jaw head. Know there are plenty of people waiting for it.

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