(PeraTrax) - Motorcycle Rezzer "Arrow CR950" [Blue]

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▄▀▄▀▄▀ PeraTrax™ - Motorcycle Rezzer "Arrow CR950" ▀▄▀▄▀▄


This Motorcycle Rezzer allows you and your visitors to Rez a motorcycle, which they can drive
on your sim or land. You can choose between 3 different sizes and rez as many motorcycles
as you want. All rezzed motorcycles will clean itself up after use. The Rezzer itself has 3 LI and
each rezzed motorcycle has a land impact of 51. The Rezzer-Perms are set to Copy and Mod.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Mesh-Builts (like this motorcycle) don't work as "Temp-On-Rez".
That means, there is no way to avoid the Land Impact of the motorcycle itself, when it's rezzed.
The only builts which work with the "Temp-On-Rez"-Function are legacy and sculpted prims.


☞ ACS KCP Vehicle Operating System
(lots of customization options/settings: Turbo Mode, Gears, Brake, Banking, Steering, Drift, Grip,
Skid, Turbo Multiplier, Downforce, NOS/Recovery, Alarm, Resize, Align & Record, Shift Style,
Driver HUD, Position Adjust, Passenger Pose Adjust, Camera, Lock/Unlock, Transmission, etc.)

☞ Custom made driver poses for a realistic look
(all custom made driver poses are set to the same hip height position for a fluent drive animation)

☞ Smooth driving experience on all grounds
(it doesn't matter if on a legacy prim made track, mesh track or on the sim ground, the invisible
Physic Shell allows you a smooth driving experience on all grounds)

☞ Texture changer for license plate
(you can choose between 10 preinstalled motorcycle license plates from the motorcycle menu)

☞ Optional Driver HUD for all important features
(access quickly to the most important features of the motorcycle: Handling, Burnout, Turbo,
Poses, Lights, Lock, Alarm, Align & Return, etc.

☞ Three different motorcycle sizes inside the Rezzer
(everyone who clicks the Rezzer can choose between three different motorcycles sizes)

1. How to use the Rezzer?

→ Touch the "REZ-Button" of the motorcycle you want to rez

→ Choose from the Blue Menu the size of the motorcycle (S, M, L)

→ Right click the motorcycle and choose "Ride" from the Pie Menu

→ The motorcycle will clean itself up when you finish

2. How to use the Motorcycle?


Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and brake.
To change gear, hold down SHIFT and press the left or right arrow key.
For wheelie, press the "E" key or Page Up.

• MENU •

Click on the motorcycle for the menu.
From here you can access the handling options, position adjust, lights, burnout, etc.


This motorcycle is a 2-seater. A passenger is able to sit, with a simple touch on the rear fender.


Holding the forward/backward arrow together activate Recovery.
Recovery lifts the bike up to un-stick it from hazards.


While the motorcycle is parked, the Left/Right Arrow keys will cycle through the park poses.


To get the Driver HUD, just click "Get HUD" in the motorcycle menu.
(Main Menu > Options > Advanced > Get HUD)

Kind regards,
by Memo Pera


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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 3
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh