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The Profile Picture Contest Board is a great money maker for clubs that have parties often and have about 10 people present at the peak of the party. Some have claimed a profit of over L$1500 a week.

If money isn't want you want from this, then there is the Free option, which can easily attract new people to your place. As there is only one vote per person in this mode, contestants will need to get their friends/fans over to win.

1. Paid/Free votes to attract money and customers
2. Easy to use menus for the owner AND players for maximum versatility
3. Nearly everything is customizable
The Title-prim is modify so you may put whatever texture you'd like on it.

Extended Options List:
Group Only: Yes / No
==> Only people in the same group as the board will be allowed to vote or enter.

Vote For Self::
==> In free voting, a user can choose Vote in their own space to vote for themselves.

Secondary User List: KEY
==> Secondary users will be able to see the list of people playing, check votes, and ban users from play or manipulate votes (for cheating prevention). They will not be able to pay winners or reset the contest. Hard limit of 6 keys

Final Prize:
==> The total prize to pay out. No payout ill exceed this amount, unless donations to the pot have occurred. It is highly recommended to use an Alt for rezzing the board as it will make it easier to control cash flow. A prize of zero will look for an object or notecard in the inventory to give out, but there must only be a single winner.

Price to Vote:
==> If 0, voting will be touch-based. Votes will only reset if the script starts running out of memory. Unless Daily Voting: Yes, in which case it resets midnight SLT for recurring votes. If any other number, a player pays to vote and each multiple of this number grants a vote.

Price to Enter:
==> If 0, people may enter by touching an empty space and clicking Yes to join. Any other number, a person joins by paying the entry fee, by paying an empty space.

Daily Voting: Yes
==> If enabled, voting is reset at midnight SLT so people can come vote every day in free vote mode.

Max Winners; Any number 1 and above
==> The prize is split among the number of winners, so that the first place has a higher distribution than the second and so on. Check Final Prize Explanation for more details.

Show Names:
==> Player names are displayed (and customizable by players) on the board, menus, and top text. If No, these are not displayed to anyone but owner and admins.

Max Players: 1-25
==> Maximum players in the contest, limit 25. This will change the geometry of the board to only have the defined amount of spaces. It is dependent on the Players Per Row option. i.e. if you have 6 players per row and 25 players, only 24 will fit evenly so the limit will be lowered. Play with this option to your liking before giving debit permissions and booting the board.

Players per Row: 1-25
==> Number of players in a single row. You can choose to have all players in one long row, or many smaller ones, Suggested geometry is 5x5 or 6x4 which would put Max Players at 25 or 24, and players per row at 5 or 6. To max out the contest, 5 gives the highest number of possible players, 25.

A further note: Donations to the final prize are permitted and anonymous. It is suggested to simply leave the final prize at L$0 and pay the amount to the top prim of the board that reflects the prize you want to give. It will ask if you want to donate it, and if Yes, it will be added. If No, it will be refunded. Any person can donate to the contest.

Final Prize Explanation:

If there is a tie for any number of places, the prizes are combined and split equally among the ties.
An example for 6 Max Winners, if 1st has no tie, There is a tie for 2nd and 3rd, and all of 4th/5th/6th are tied:
....1st:...........28/1.........= 28%
....2nd/3rd:.......(23+19)/2....= 21% each
....3rd/4th/5th....(14+9+4)/3...= 9% each
....Total paid = 97%. Unpaid quantities will nearly always be under L$3 total.

The formula used will handle any number of winners, and it is perfectly valid to put the Max Winners at 24. All numbers are rounded down, the amount paid out will never exceed the prize amount. It will be within L$1-3 of the total prize depending on how many occurrences of rounding there were.

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  • 25 Contestants, Logo space on top
  • Menu-driven interface for all functions
  • CTRL+Drag to allow custom images
  • Paid/Free votes to attract money and customers
  • New 2019: Adjustable number of players

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Posted February 20, 2019 by snowball Beattie 5 stars

the picture contest board is so easy to use and setup even I can do it and I'm BLONDE, not to mention the customer service is so great, had a question and he jumped right on it, thank you so much

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One just wasn't enough!

Posted November 11, 2014 by Death Diabolito 5 stars

I got a transfer one to try it out and loved it so much I needed to set up a few. I gave my old one to a friend because I now have unlimited copies ^^

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