Piper PA-28 Cherokee 140 Version 1.4

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First and foremost thank you for your interest in our rendition of Piper's PA-28-140. We have put a lot of work and effort into creating this and hope you enjoy it as much as we have creating it.

What you are getting:
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 (Plane)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Attachment (Optional)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Manual
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Quick Reference
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Display Full (model with livery changer only)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Display lite (low prim display with livery changer script only)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Model
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 (Float)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Display (Float)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Display lite (Float)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 Model (Float)
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 HUD
> PA-28 Cherokee 140 HUD with dash

- Key board controlled
- Seats 4
- Advanced Physics
- Working flaps and control surfaces
- Guest and group modes
- Copilot controls
- Seat kicker
- Working stall allarm
- Custom textures
- Custom authentic sounds and animations
- Custom Sculpts
- Optional High detailed attachment
- Scripted livery changer
- Lightly scripted Displays
- Free automatic updates
- Working lights
- Working HUD with Instruments and buttons

<------ The Laminar Flight Engine difference------>

The Piper Cherokee 140 is powered by the Laminar Flight Engine. The script in this plane is the culmination of work starting two years ago and a passion stretching long before that. Combining an in depth understanding of aviation from a pilot's stand point and that of an aerospace engineer we have worked to push the limits of flight scripting in Second Life. At the same time we have worked to create a script that does not drive the more casual pilot away. We did not want just another SL plane. We wanted to create an immersive system that was easy enough to fly that you could pick it up and go, but left enough room for the more experienced pilots to play. Something that was as much of an adventure to just fly as the trip was. At the same time it had to be able to handle sim crossings and long grid flights with as little trouble as possible. Through work and perseverance we have derived our answer in it's purest form yet as you will soon discover in your Cherokee. You will feel a truly dynamic lift and see how all actions on the plane interact with each other. While the Piper is simple enough that you do not really have to understand these intricacies to fly it you will find to be able to truly stretch the plane to its potential you will need to understand the delicate balance that is an aircraft.


Piper Aircraft Company - Design, name, and logo on fuselage.

Chaves Shu *Experience Industries* - Details and aircraft blank build

Dustin Pomeray *Aerlink* - Textures and original aircraft blank build

Tank (Siris) Kwaszes *Laminar Systems* - Scripts and sculpts

Combat (Kaer) Wombat - Scripting reference, general help, and moral support

Aeon Voom - Scripting reference

Pumpkin Blooburry *Laminar Systems* - Sounds

And a special thanks to all who beta tested!

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  • Adanced physics scripting
  • Guest, group, and copilot control modes
  • Scripted livery changer
  • Lightly scripted displays
  • Free automatic updates

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Love/Hate Relationship

Posted September 28, 2012 by Reeanne 5 stars

I absolutely love this plane! You can tell the maker put a lot of time and work into it. The Piper is by far the most realistic plane in SL flight, even better than Drusilla's in my opinion. It's a love/hate thing with this plane for me. Love it for the superb quality and enjoyment of flying. Hate it, not because of the plane, but how SL sim crossings are not kind to me during fast acceleration that is necessary for liftoff. It doesn't matter low lean the scripting is in any moving vehicle in SL; Linden Labs still has a piss poor performance job when it comes to sim crossings in a vehicle. It makes me cry sometimes to see my beautiful Piper plane frozen in a sim border.

Despite the sim crossings, this plane gets 5 stars hands down. You get an unbelievable value for the little money you spend. You get not only a runway land version, but also a water float version in the same package. The Piper water float is the one I use the most, very fun to land on water. You also get several detailed and beautiful paint schemes! Drusilla's planes would have you buy another whole plane just so you can have a different color or wanted one to land on water. This is a great value!

I only have one request for added realism: Fuel. Please add Dru's free fuel/refuel system that is open to everyone. Would be very fun to run out of fuel and crash land or getting low and have to scramble to the nearest airport to refuel. :) At the very least, please let the plane chassis be modify permissions so I can add the fuel system myself.


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Such a Lovely Bird !

Posted October 10, 2011 by Florence Brendel 5 stars

I love it ! It makes (almost) all other planes boring to fly ! Sooo realistic !
It's not just an object you can direct into a 3D screen, all your actions have reactions.
You can press arrow down to loose altitude, but then you'll increase speed and therefore regain altitude, just like the real ones!
Think about it when you land, pull the nose up and land on rear wheels ^^
It's not a jet fighter where speed remains the same when you go up or down. This one looses altitude when turning and you have to compensate :)

The pack comes with the Piper AND the floats version !
They have 6 different well made paintings included.
You can skip wearing the attachment (lights and luxury interior) on high lag days.
The plane has been updated lately and is now quite perfect..
But you MUST take some time to read the manual and practise. Then once you master it, you realize it's the best!
Once you bought it, you will rez the box on ground somewhere... Look at the box! it's a wonderful object itself that witnesses about the investment made by Tank and the guys who collaborated on it.
They obviously just love what they create.
Thanks to you !!!

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