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Go is an old, two-player strategy board game that, like chess, is played by millions of people worldwide. It originated in China, where it is known as Weiqi. In Korea, the game is called Baduk. Throughout the world, it is colloquially referred to by its Japanese name, Go. The goal of the game is to conquer more territory than your opponent by taking turns placing stones on the board.

The game Go should not be confused with Gomoku or Goban, which is played on a similar board but has entirely different rules. The Gomoku game is also for sale in the Black Forest store. There is also a traditional-style Go game with a floor board and Japanese sitting cushions. See ads below.

The rules for the game of Go are relatively simple and have been documented widely on the internet. Some useful links to go rules and tutorial videos are listed below.

• Basic Rules of Go,

• Interactive tutorial,

• Go - Basic Rules, (4.35 min)

• Go - Life & Death, (4.11 min)



The TBF Go game can be played by two players, or one player against themselves. This game has no option to play against the computer.

Before starting a game, both players have to agree on the settings, such as the board size (5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 13x13, 15x15, or 19x19), the type of scoring (Territory, which is generally the Japanese way of scoring, or Area, which is the Chinese way of scoring), Komi (compensation scores for white, between 0 and 7.5 points) and Handicap (black starts with 1 to 9 stones). Hence, the weaker player starts with black. The settings can be changed by clicking the side of the board and by choosing an option from the dialog menu.

The owner of the game can also set the timeout (1 minute to infinite).



The first player starts with black by clicking on the desired location on the board. The next player (white) then follows, and both players take turns. Each last played stone is marked by a green dot.

Captured stones will be taken away automatically. These stones will be put inside the lids of the wooden cups beside the board. For the sake of Land impact (12), the lid can show a maximum of 16 captured stones. The script will keep track of the actual number of stones when more than 16 are captured.

The script prevents players from placing stones such that a stone or the group of stones of that color loses its last liberty. In other words: suicide moves are prohibited. Additionally, the Ko rule applies at all time: no capture can be undone by an immediate recapture. The script also prevents this automatically.

A player can undo their move before their opponent takes a turn by clicking the side of the board and select 'Undo' from the dialog. A player can also pass their turn, again by clicking the side. The game ends when both players have passed in succession.

After ending the game, both players have the opportunity to mark dead stones with a red dot. These marked stones will count as empty spaces and will add territory points to their opponent's score. Both players can mark these stones simultaneously. When a marked stone is clicked again, it is unmarked. If the payers can't agree on which stone should be marked as dead, they can continue the game. By clicking the side of the board in this stage, the players can choose to either resume the game, calculate the score, or definitvely finish the game. Upon finishing the game, the final score will be presented and a winner will be declared.



The TBF Tournament Go includes a kaya wood Go table board, cups and stones (LI=12, this includes all the playable stones on the board!), a game clock (LI-1), a sturdy laminated table (LI=1), and a durable meeting chair (LI=2) with single and couple sits. The pack also includes instruction notecards for the game and for modifying the sits.


* Disclaimer. The game is Mod. The scripts inside are set to No Mod. Land Impact may change upon resizing.

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Awesome product

Posted April 20, 2020 by MyraMidnight 5 stars

This is a very well made game of go, impressive that it's land impact is so low even if every single stone is 3D, even the captured stones! I was so happy when I came across this since I could not find the Kido Goban on marketplace anymore (which was the best goban I had come across on SL at the time) which had identical land impact without the bowls, but the stones were flat... Im loving this.

I kind of wish there was a texture applier kit for this like the Mahjong table so I could customize the board and bowls easily, or at least access to the textures since this is modifiable.

Since Goban is just what the board is called in Japanese, Im surprised that this game does not appear when searching for it, since this is a goban.

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Good value and great support

Posted October 24, 2019 by Xenodermus 5 stars

I had taken up interest for the go game recently, and tried out several go games from MP. I learned a valuable lesson here: more expensive does definitely not mean better in SL. Not only does this game look way better than all the others available on the SL market, it is also champion in low land impact. Unless you want to resort to sandboxes for playing a game of go, then choosing this game is a no-brainer.
The game including a table, a chair with singles and couples animations, and a working game clock makes this combo really good value. Support for the clock was fast. The maker responded within minutes. Turns out the answer was already in the notecard. As for the previous reviewer, it would have been nice if they upgraded their rating after the maker helped them out fixing the problem, because if worth every one of the five stars.

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