Prefabulicious Full Perm Mesh Product & Doll Box Creator Kit

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This Prefabulicious Full Perm Mesh Product & Doll Box Creator Kit has high LOD and a low land impact/prim count. Use for your own products, with my full perm suckers, or even as an avatar doll box! You get multiple choices of AO's to help you detail your creation as realistic as possible. It also comes with two shelf options to use a sucker holders!

By purchasing you agree to the following:

This package is sold as a pre-fab set. You may not resell it as a creation or full perm kit, but may use the items in your own builds and Second Life creations.

~You may only use this kit in Second Life.

~You may use the AO and UV textures to create your own original art! The pre-made, final textures made by me are meant to serve as a guide in creating your own textures by viewing mine as a guide. Changing the color of the texture does not follow the original texture rule. You must create your own original textures.

~You may not use this product in a hunt as a gift.

~You may use this product as a group gift for your store or establishment, but must have originally created textures on your final product and not for more than a single calendar month in a 12 month period.

~You may use this product as a non-profit gift when entertaining your guests at a party, with the original textures, but you may not sell them and only transfer them with copy permissions, never transfer and never mod/copy. The items must be for a limited time, for example through the duration of a day for a personal, non commercial celebration like a wedding, birthday party, or themed ice cream party. Please do not distribute the item as a regular freebie, available at all times for non commercial events. This item may not be given away at commercial events without original textures, following the same permission/party rules as described in this paragraph.

~You may only resell this item for the equivalent of 100L per item minimum. ( If your product contains two boxes the min price would be 200L, for three in one package the minimum price must be no lower than 300L. ) All sold products must be created with your own original textures.

~You may not give away or share any components of this package with other avatars, including alt avatars, but may share the AO & UV textures with an associate for texturing purposes of your original design only. Do NOT distribute them to customers.

~This package can not be resold or marketed as a full perm or creator's kit, nor include any of the textures in this package as textures alone. Your final product must be an originally textured product.


1. Original Texture: This means that the texture was creates with the help of my AO shadow bakes, but not include the finished textures I've provided that allows the product to be a finished, usable product. Your final texture will be originally your own art work or your associate's work.

2. Full perm creator kit: This means the way I am selling the items to you now, premade with all mod, copy, and transfer permissions.

3. Commercial party or event: This could include a supportive party in a club, hunt, sim, store, or mall event.

4. Personal party and party guests: This means that you are having an event for your friends or clients with a limited guest list, for a limited time in one day, not more often than one day (or 24 hour period according to LL/SL's time zone), not more often than one day in a month (equal to 28-31 days).

5. Group Gift: This is a gift closed off to only your VIP group members. In order to receive the gift, they must be apart of your group.

6. Hunt Gift: An item a creator would create for a free item given to others in a grid wide, sim, or store hunt.

7. Hunt Item: This is an item a hunt organizer would use that SL players would identify and search for to find their prizes from one or more creators who have prepared a gift as a promotion for the hunt.

8. Pre-fab or pre-built scene: This means that my items will be included amongst a bigger package of goods, like sold in a kitchen scene, items for pose creators selling their scenes, included with a cafe set, etc.



  • High LOD! ONLY 1-2 LI even at the average avatar height!
  • Use as a product box or even as a fantasy doll box!
  • Comes with UV Maps & Multiple AO Choices!
  • You also get TWO shelf choices or use without!

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Prefabulicious Full Perm Mesh
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Unpacking Required

This item requires you to find a place in Second Life (like a Sandbox) to unpack and use it.

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  • Automatic redelivery
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh