Primus Bakers Bundle 4.5

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Primus Baker's Bundle


2 Bag sheaths for Back - One with the writing "Baked Goods" & one with the writing "Baker's Lil Helper."
2 Belt Sheaths - One with the writing "Baked Goods" & one with the writing "Baker's Lil helper."


Auto Fire or Click Fire (please note auto fire is .05 slower then click attack, per gm rules)

Position Correction - This will give you a bit more true aim when you fight, instead of your ammo bending left and right when you strife this will cause your weapon to shoot at a much straighter projecticle.

Long Bread - 1.0 speed

Normal Bread - .9 speed

Scripted as low damage - 9% splash, 11% direct

Melee Spoon & Rolling Pin

Offensive & Defensive Stances

Bread Choices - Not only do you get to throw our normal default Stale Bread but you now have 4 others to choose from.

Detailed Hit Report

Manual Height Adjuster - No matter how tall you are or how short you are, the weapon will always fire in the spot you want it to. You can now leave your weapon at default for our Auto Height Adjusment or toggle between multiple options.

Arc Adjuster - Change the arc of your weapon using the weight command.

Unhackable Security
In our latest version we introduced this new security, let me tell you briefly how it works. There is encrypted code going from the shooting script to the ammo which activates it. If the code is invalid the ammo falls down on the ground - the weapon and the script, which are given to everyone without mod permissions, so trying to put your own script in them wont work, if you try to use the ammo you will need the encrypted code which is impossible to find.

Also please note that the maker of the weapon, ammo script and weapon script are from a secure alt from Thord Karu, the alts name is PrimusWeapons Pearl. This is to help prevent against cheating.

Hud - All of our weapon commands at a click of a button. We have included an option with radar as an added bonus.

*Please note if you rotate the radar the sides might show up white. Dont worry all you have to do is rotate it till you find the side with the Hud texture on it.

Scripted for GM, GLM, ML, HM, DCS/DSC2 & CCS Meters

Auto Updates For Life

Mono Scripted Dynamic Channel

Custom Animations and sounds


/1 weight - This will toggle you through 5 preset weights. This will only work with the normal range.
-Default - This will give you the less amount of arc possible (this is great for long range fighting)
-Setting 1 - This setting will give you the most arc possible (this setting is for experienced fighters)
-Setting 2 - This setting will give you a great amount of arc (this is great for close range fighting)
-Setting 3 - This will still give you a good amount arc (perfect for mid to close fighting)
-Setting 4 - This will give you a tad bit more arc then the default setting (perfect for mid to long fighting)

/1 report - This will toggle between the four different style reports. Please note even if you have only 1/2 splash report on, your weapon will still do full splash if in a full splash sim.

/1 height - This will toggle between 6 different settings of where your weapon shoots from.
-Default - Auto Height Adjustment
-ExtraHigh - This is our highest setting
-High - Above default setting
-MedHigh - Between high and default
-MedLow - Between Default and our low setting
-Low - Below default setting

/1 sound - This allows you to choose between 4 different sound choices.

/1 auto - This will toggle auto fire on and off

/1 position correction - This will toggle position correction on and off

/1 drawsheath bread (this will allow you to draw and sheath the bread with one command)
/1 draw bread
/1 sheath bread

/1 range (this will toggle back and forth between short and long range)

/1 bread (this will toggle between the different bread options)
Default Stale Bread - This is our regular plain stale bread.
Burnt Bread - This is a blackish brown overbaked chunk.
Sa-Tarna Bread - This is a yellow hued breadthat sat out too long.
Moldy Bread - This is a hunk of green, moldy, hard disgusting bread.
Sweet Bread - This is a pinkish, berry infused bread, though stale and hard as a rock.


/1 drawsheath pin (this will draw and sheath your weapon with one command)
/1 draw pin
/1 sheath pin

/1 drawsheath spoon (this will draw and sheath your weapon with one command)
/1 draw spoon
/1 sheath spoon

/1 offensive stance .55 ~ 2.5
/1 defensive stance .65 ~ 3.0



  • Throwable Bread - 9% & 11% Damage
  • Melee Rolling Pin - 19% Damage
  • Melee Fork - 19% Damage
  • Melee Spoon - 19% Damage
  • 2 Variations of Belt & Back Sheath's

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