ProLine Deluxe Mesh File Cabinet - Black Version 9.1

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ProLine OfficeWorX™ Mesh 12 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Version 9.1

This handy filing cabinet consists of 12 sliding drawers to hold your notes, appointments, business contacts, or any other item you wish to put in them. An included "Allow List" notecard lets you allow access to your files by others which makes this item a great functional accent piece for any office!

** - FEATURES - **
*Scripts compiled in MONO
*Very low lag & sim resource efficient.
*Fantastic for inventory and item storage.
*Stores literally thousands of items.
*Includes drawers for filenames beginning with both letters AND numbers.
*Drawer-Touch listing of your items.
*100% Mesh - Land Impact: 11
*Allow others you designate to Add, Retrieve, and Delete files.
(Completely functional for co-workers and employees, without the need to give them Mod permissions!)

*Security - Only the owner and those added to the Allow list have access.

1) Touch the file holder on the side and receive a file folder. You may edit, recolor, resize, and retexture the folder, and you can name it whatever you wish it to be called so that you know what's in it.

2) Put your objects in the folder.

a) Rez the folder in world.
b) Right click on the folder and choose Edit.
c) Click the Content tab of the Edit window.
d) Drag your items of choice (notecards, scripts, etc) into the content window.
e) When you're done, right click on the folder again, and Take the folder into your inventory.

***Note: The cabinet alphabetically sorts 'objects' so if you wish to file notecards, you *MUST* put them inside an object such as the Folder the cabinet gives you, then put them in the cabinet.***

3) Right click on the cabinet, open Edit, and drag the object from your inventory to the Contents Tab of the Edit window..
4) Done!

Your filing cabinet will automatically sort the folder and put it into the correct drawer that goes with the first letter of the name. You can also manually put folders into the drawers, but the auto sorting feature is the fastest way and sorts more accurately.

**Setup Notes**
While you can put a Transfer Only object in the cabinet, it will cause a script error saying 'Cannot Find Object Named [whatever you called the object]'.
It *DOES* still sort the object as normal.

To avoid this, the files or objects you place in the cabinet should have either Modify or Copy permissions enabled. The included File Folders with your file cabinet are already set with full Copy/Modify/Transfer permissions to avoid this condition.

Do not use names for Files over 12 characters long (including spaces). This is an SL limitation for button names in a dropdown menu, and will cause a Stack Heap Error.

Do not resize the file cabinet! This will throw off the positional information in the drawer script and WILL cause your cabinet to become unusable.

Using the File Cabinet

1) Simply touch a drawer to open it. This will give you a drop-down menu listing every item in that drawer.

2) Choose the name of the Folder you are looking for from the drop-down menu.

3) The cabinet will give you the folder. Done!

Access List
The owner of the file cabinet may edit the included "Allow List" notecard to add the names of people they would like to allow to have access to the cabinet's filing system. To do this, add these names (1 name per line) into the notecard. Names must be the SL name of the person, not their Display Name. After you have added names, save the notecard, and do the following:

1) Touch the outside of the cabinet to get the menu.
2) Choose "Reset" from the menu. This will reset the cabinet and re-read the Allow List so your list becomes active. This is the generally the only time a "reset" will be needed.
3) Touch the cabinet to get the menu again, and click the DROP button. You will get a message saying the cabinet will now allow anyone to drop items into it. This means anyone in the Allow List only, not anyone else.

**Please Note - As of version 8.8, ONLY those added to the Allow list will have access to the cabinet's menu system.
The Owner always has access, and does not need to be added to the list.

Prims & Perms

100% Mesh - Land Impact: 11
Perms: Mod/No Copy/Transfer

For Tech Support concerning this product, send an IM to Nite Page.
IMs regarding support will be responded to as quickly as possible.



  • Auto sorts alphabetically and numerically
  • File and store literally thousands of items
  • One-touch contents search
  • Multi-user ability without giving your MOD rights
  • Allows ONLY the owner and authorized users to access

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Nice, but it's no copy

Posted January 30, 2018 by KlaraReeves 5 stars

This is a very nice file cabinet, but I would have expected it to be copy considering the price!

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I absolutely recommend this product to everyone!

Posted April 25, 2015 by Arturo Southpaw 5 stars

I've had this cabinet for a few years & I've never had a single issue with it or it's scripting. It's definitely one of my favorite items in sl & definitely does what it says!

Recently though sl decided eat a couple of my items this ProLine Deluxe File Cabinet included. After getting in touch with Nite Page he helped me in retrieving it.

The product is amazing & so is the cusomter service! Again I highly recommend this to everyone! It'll make a great addition to any inworld home/office!

Thank you Nite Page!

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