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Prometheus 2.0 Major Additions
- Moo-Spawn rezzing system (You can now rez at ANY rotation and position!)
- All new flight system and controls (including freeflight)
- Autopilot
- 3D Radar system
- Color HUD
- Cargo rezzing system including cargo follow scripts
- Includes Forklift and Cargo pack
- All new lighting to work with the newest shadow enabled SL 2.0 client
- Landing Gear
- Light switches throughout the ship
- Comm and alarm HUD controller

Minor Additions/Changes/Bugfixes
- Greatly reduced number of listens
- Reduced old prim count (with upgrade additions it is up to 3079 prims)
- Fixed main lift in hangar (would get offset in flight sometimes)
- Other misc things

Moo Spyker. The creater of the M.O.O. Cannon and M.O.O. Carrier comes the newest "largest moving warship in all of SL" The Prometheus class Super Capital ship.

With over 50 detailed rooms and enough room to hold a full fighter wing. Its not just a ship, its a flying city.

This ship also has enough fire power on it to take on the largest fleet engagement. With over 25 automated defense turrets 6 charging quad cannon, 6 Orbital Bombardment cannons, 5 chaff defense systems. You and your crew will be safe. Spyker built, Spyker garanted.

This ship can hold up to more than 15 avatars, and is nearly the length of a sim.

This ship is truly worthy of the name, "A master piece."

Have to fly down to the surface to pick someone up. Spyker has you covered. The Prometheus has four drop pods that can be programed to fly to a spot in the sim and the drop pods can be flown.

With a ship this large, how does one talk to the crew. Again, Spyker has you covered. The Prometheus has a ship board comm's systems which can be used by anyone on the ship.

Like i said before and I'll say it again. This ship is a work of art.

Review writen by Thanatos Ikura
C.E.O. of I.S.C
Ikura systems corporation

*** NOTE this ship consists of around 2000 sculpties, works best if graphics are set to medium on objects, low makes them distorted, and high is very laggy!
***NOTE you need the latest version of SL to use the touch detection buttons through out the ship!

The Prometheus
Dreadnaught Class warship/Capital ship
Sculpties, Textures, Scripts, Sounds by Moo Spyker
Additional scripting help by Belshazaroth Fargis and Agent Tairov
Please check out my profile for all my other ships

II. Feature List
II. How to Use Everything
1. Placing
2. Flight
3. Privacy system
4. Comm/Alarm System
5. Drop pods
6. Armament
7. Alert System
8. Blast Doors
9. Engines
10. Drawing Board (in the briefing room ad Tactical room)
11. Brig
IV. Notes
V. Technical Details
VI. Licenses
VII. Credits, Contact Information

I. Feature List
+ 3000 prims even (more with drop pods rezzed 31 each)
+ Massive - 200units in length, 70units in width and 35units in height
+ 5 decks/floors
+ 50 full rooms
+ Very interactive
+ New privacy system
+ Auto turrets
+ Orbital Bombardment
+ Alarm system
+ Comm. system
+ Blast doors to lock the ship down
+ MANY moving parts, doors, turrets, etc.
+ Drop pod system
+ Lots of hanger space
+ Engine startup sequence

Rooms (50 total):
+ Bridge (2)
+ Upper Hanger
+ Damage Control
+ Engineering Office/Quarters
+ Generator
+ Engine
+ Tactical
+ Captain's Quarters
+ Captain's Lounge
+ 1st Officer Quarters
+ 2nd Officer Quarters
+ Control Tower
+ Brig
+ Storage (3)
+ Cafe
+ Rec Room
+ Science Lab
+ Library
+ Hydroponics
+ Medical Lab
+ Laser Cannon's (6)
+ Orbital Bombardment (6)
+ Cargo Hold (2)
+ Main Hanger
+ Secondary Hanger
+ Vehicle Storage
+ Briefing Room
+ Armory
+ Crew Quarters
+ Cryo Bay
+ Restroom
+ Drop pod Bay

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Posted August 17, 2018 by AodhanDomhnall 5 stars

For some unknown reason, the [Group] Setting doesn't actually allow my group the ability to use anything. Am I doing something wrong?

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Good ship, has one problem

Posted October 04, 2017 by AviitheAvali 4 stars

The Prometheus is an amazing detailed ship, a must have for any serious space captain.
Everything works besides the combat fighter rezers on the rear of the ship (Whose launch bays are in the rear of the ship) which will not allow one to access the controls to spawn combat fighters.

Overall, a great ship!

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