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(((DEMO))) (((DEMO))) (((DEMO))) (((DEMO)))

✱ ✱ ✱ Major Upgrade Released 2019 ✱ ✱ ✱

◀ Key Features ▶
▌✱ Super fast, low script, low prim, low lag, region friendly.
▌✱ HUD text always lines up correctly over buttons.
▌✱ Context sensitive help screens available from the HUD, so you have help where you need it.
▌✱ Shields that protect from all bullet types in any location. (kill, orbit, phantom, followers, etc)
▌✱ Automatic tracking and blocking of attacks before they are launched.
▌✱ Ability to Reflect, Deflect, or Redirect other people's weapons who attack you.
▌✱ Cloaking devices to keep you hidden from sight.
▌✱ Movement locks with powerful anti-orbit protection.
▌✱ Land Management. Ban, Eject, etc. Also give others land powers, and share you ban list with others.
▌✱ Real time radar with detailed information about everyone in the region.
▌✱ Sensors to give you information about your surroundings.
▌✱ Channel & Bug scanners for advance warning and reporting.
▌✱ Comprehensive control over attacks, allowing you to selectively add and remove attacks from people.
▌✱ Unique Gun Mode to shoot weapons.
▌✱ Chained Chat commands permit you to send more than one attack at a time.
▌✱ Remotely launch weapons even when your over no-build land.
▌✱ Ally and Foes tracking, so you are never caught off guard when someone arrives in the region.
▌✱ Anonymous Orbits that work over no-push land, even when the target is sitting.
▌✱ Kills that cut through all shields without exception.
▌✱ Traps and cages that hold your enemies.
▌✱ Comical attacks to frustrate your enemies while you laugh at them.
▌✱ Flight and Movement assistance with turbo boost.
▌✱ Teleporters to instantly move yourself and others
▌✱ Colour configurable & skin-able HUD, so you can tailor the appearance to your preferences.
▌✱ Minimize your HUD when it's not being used.
▌✱ An API gives you the ability to add your own weapons and launch them through your HUD.
▌✱ User Customizable Menu Structure, to make your own menus or alter the default ones to suit your needs.
▌✱ Free upgrades to keep up with the latest advances in technology.

◀ New 2019 Features ▶
▌✱ Script count and memory usage significantly reduced.
▌✱ Panic Mode enhanced to defeat video crashers.
▌✱ Ability to launch weapons when you are not over build land, so long as your target is.
▌✱ Fully Group compatible.
▌✱ All settings saved and restored automatically.
▌✱ Speed enhancements! Now Mono scripted.
▌✱ Faster scanning in busy regions, slower in quiet regions.
▌✱ All stack over-flow errors totally eliminated.
▌✱ Color configurable enhancements.
▌✱ New QCore attachment with ability to fire Lasers that deploy all available QHUD weapons/functions.
▌✱ New QGun with ability to fire Lasers that deploy all available QHUD weapons/functions.
▌✱ Enhanced aiming so you never miss.
▌✱ Lots of new weapons and functions, and enhancements to your old favorites.
▌✱ Cloak that hides you Avatar and Name Tag, with the ability to become visible again. (only QHUD can do this!)
▌✱ New Secret Menu functions for those able to find the clues in the documentation to turn on the secret menu ;)
▌✱ Incomplete list due to space...

◀◀ Full Details here ▶▶ http://quantumproducts.org/docs/QuantumCore/

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  • Over 300 usefull functions!
  • Radar, Sensors, extensive reporting and tracking.
  • Land Managment, Land Security.
  • Shields: Anti-Orbit, Anti-Kill, Anti-Trap, and more.
  • Weapons: Kill, Orbit, Trap, Follow, Particles, Animations, more

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