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A HUD designed to make fun and entertaining RPGs in second life. This HUD is not a combat system, does not replace the current combat meters as GM, LCS, CCS etc., It is designed to be used as optional in the game, its use provides advantages in the rp (not in combat) in no event cause damage.

Features :

Weapons control.
Coin control system.
RP Actions.


Clicking this button displays the menu for language selection. Choose from Spanish or English. If you want to participate in the translation into other languages ​​hud, contact Sombra Magic or Guardian Barom.


The energy bar or percentage indicates the amount of energy you have. This property will give a bonus to your dice rolls rp actions, this bonus varies between +0 and +5 depending on the level of your energy. Each time you use an RP action will consume 5% of energy. For energy recovery you need eat, using various edible objects [G&S].

Weapons control

In this section you can configure quick access to your favorite weapons. Click on the "config" (wrench icon just below the cuff). A menu appears where you can select the button you want to configure (1 through 4). After this you will be prompted to enter the name of the weapon (sword, shield, bow, dagger, etc. ..). For the name of your weapon, look for the command you use to draw, for example: if your weapon using the command "/ 1 draw lance" the name of your weapon is lance.

Coin[G&S] control system

This section indicates how many coins [G & S] you have, the coins are associated with your avatar and connected to our database, even if you change hud not lose your coins. To transfer coins, click on the icon of coins (the silver) and displays a menu of nearby users, select the user you want to deliver coins, and then enter the amount. It is not mandatory that the target user have wearing the hud, even that it has never since these, will be stored in her/his account and will be available as soon as wear the hud,even for the first time.

RP Actions.

Clicking on this button brings up a menu with the different actions programmed in the hud. Each time you use the HUD action will launch a 20 sides die, if you roll 10 or higher the action will succeed, otherwise you've failed. Whether you succeed or not, the action will consume 5% of energy. The amount of energy you possess will give a bonus to the roll of dice, and you can perform actions even without power (no additional plus) except where otherwise indicated.

RP Actions list.

- 20 sides die : Roll a 20-sided die to do anything else you can think.
- Rope : Grapple and rope to climb walls..
- Camp : Build a single tent.
- Palisade: A wall of wood to build fortifications
- Gate: A wooden door to your fortifications.
- Campfire: A fire surrounded by fur to rest in company.
- Spades: Sharpened wooden logs that damage those who touch it (GM damage)
- Poster: A perfect place to tie your captures.
- Search water: make a small well to get a bucket of water for a single use.

- Caring Fields: This action is only available if you stand in the middle of a advanced grain field [G&S], or in a vineyard [G&S], and you can not use if you have no energy. If you succeed in the roll, your field will increase the growth rate slightly for just over a day.

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  • Español & English
  • Feed
  • Weapons control.
  • Coin control system.
  • RP Actions.

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My lovely system!

Posted April 16, 2020 by Flo Udimo 5 stars

Thank you for being! With G&S my RP is much more interesting. Thanks from all the goreans people. Your items are very beautiful!

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Lots of fun

Posted November 18, 2018 by BrianTheWoof 5 stars

You will need this hud! If you are using G&S stuff and it fails or produces low-quality items or your plants die or etc.. you need this hud. Especially for Coffee plants.

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