Rejeanne's Trivia Ball Version 2.2

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by Rejeanne Cannoli

This the latest release of the Trivia Ball that has sold over 3,000 copies!

- BY POPULAR REQUEST: banlist feature!
- BY POPULAR REQUEST: now displays the creator of the questions notecard at the start of a game


- new look!
- LANGUAGE CUSTOMIZATION! Play trivia games in your own language!
- comes with over 300 questions!
- can handle up to 100 trivia notecards each with up to 500 questions!
- automatic free updates!

The Trivia Ball asks trivia questions and pays for the correct answer. Designed with club events in mind, the Triva Ball can be configured by the owner, then will start a game anytime someone (such as an event host) pays the prize money to the ball. Questions can be asked at preset intervals, or at the command of the owner or game host. Anyone within chat range can play, simply by responding in open chat. If you see the question, you can play! A game host can be anyone in the same group as the Trivia Ball, or may be specified individually on a notecard for greater control.

Trivia questions are provided by up to 100 user-provided notecards; each containing up to 500 questions. One notecard, containing over 300 questions, is provided, and it is very easy to create your own notecards. The notecard is selected from a menu at the start of each game. Each game starts at a random point in the notecard, so that the same old questions don't keep popping up.

The Trivia Ball allows for flexible matching of responses, permitting alternative answers to be specified in the notecard, and uses a pattern matching scheme to recognise a range of correct responses.

Using the Trivia Ball is very simple: the owner sets the number of questions in a game, and how much to pay for the first correct answer to each question. The machine then displays a floating text message, such as "Pay $L100 to start a game of 20 questions worth $L5 each." When an authorized person pays the amount to the machine, they become the "game host", and the game begins. Normally, the machine will ask questions at a predetermined interval (by default, 30 seconds) but this can be disbled by the owner; in any case the machine will also proceed to the next question whenever the owner or game host touches it.

(Please note, some people are beginning to sell trivia questions for my trivia ball (search "Trivia Questions"). While this is very exciting and I wish them well, I cannot endorse anyone's product. It is also very easy to make your own cards for the trivia ball.)


According to the Linden's official Skill Gaming Policy (reference below) a 'Skill Game' is:

"a game, implemented through an Inworld object: 1) whose outcome is determined by skill and is not contingent, in whole or in material part, upon chance; 2) requires or permits the payment of Linden Dollars to play; 3) provides a payout in Linden Dollars; and 4) is legally authorized by applicable United States and international law. GAMES IN WHICH SECOND LIFE RESIDENTS DO NOT PAY TO PLAY ARE NOT WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THIS SKILL GAMING POLICY"
(emphasis mine.)

From this it seems clear, at least to me, that as long as the players do not pay to play the game, it is not covered by this policy. The default configuration of the trivia ball prevents the one who paid the ball from participating; to the best of my understanding, if you or your hosts start a game for your friends or customers or club visitors to play, this is not a "Skill Game" and should be allowed.

Alternatively, the ball also allows you to set the payment amount for each question to zero, which also solves the problem.

I hope this helps clarify things!



  • Over 300 questions included!
  • Free automatic updates!
  • Customize to your own language!
  • Add your own trivia quickly and easily!

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5 stars realy worth!

Posted December 20, 2018 by Wim Metty 5 stars

Fun for all thanks for this perfect product! :))

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Posted June 09, 2018 by psychoblaze 5 stars

easy to use comes with a question catagory can use right out of the box had no problems with it

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