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Welcome to RentTrack, one of the most versatile non-networked rental systems! This system is jam-packed with features that will give you complete control over your rentals at a great bang for your buck!

At release, RentTrack has just fewer than 50 configurable parameters that you can tweak to your needs! Thankfully, a good portion of these options are set to default settings so you won't need to touch most of them.

* Rental information is stored in the rental box object itself as well as in the scripts.
* This ensures that your rental data stays intact if you reset your rental box, if the simulator crashes, or if you update your scripts.
* Define your rental units (periods) by the hour, day, week or month.
* Define prim limit.
* Define minimum and maximum rental units.
* If no minimum is set, a tenant can buy partial units.
* I.E. A tenant can pay half the rental price of an hourly rental and receive a half-hour rental.
* Prim counting.
* Box owner can see how many prims a tenant is using.
* Free rentals.
* Define how many purchased units are required to receive free rent.
* Define how many free units they receive.
* Group discounts.
* Avatars who pay the box can receive a configurable group discount.
* Reservations.
* Reserve the box for a particular avatar.
* Only the reservation holder can pay the box.
* Rent-to-Own.
* Currently the only rental system that supports Rent-to-Own in Second Life.
* Define how much, in L$, the land will cost the tenant.
* Define how much of each rental unit goes towards the Rent-to-Own price.
* Box automatically becomes reserved for the tenant that is renting to own, preventing anyone else from renting the box.
* Automatic notification to box owner and tenant when Rent-to-Own period is completed.
* Refunds and self-refunds.
* If self-refunds are enabled and a tenant wishes to cease their rental, they can terminate it themselves and be refunded their remaining rental.
* A refund charge is also configurable.
* Eviction controls.
* Tenants can be evicted with or without a refund of their remaining time.
* Rental adjustments.
* Rentals can be transferred to other nearby avatars.
* Rental duration can be adjusted.
* Box owner can pay box to add time to current rental.
* Rental contracts.
* Option to require tenant to agree to a contract given via a notecard before their rental commences.
* Box appearance.
* Appearance can be configured for vacant, rented, and reserved states.
* Configurations include alpha, size, phantom, spin, rented offset.
* Box can cast light when vacant.
* Colour, intensity, radius, and falloff are all configurable.
* Replace rented, reserved, rent-to-own, and vacant textures in the box with your own.
* Sounds.
* Define sounds to play when the box becomes rented or vacant.
* Hover text.
* Define hover text colour and alpha.
* Optionally disable hover text completely.
* Notifications.
* Box owner can receive IMs when important events occur.
* Box can send email to a single email address you specify when important events occur.
* Profit sharing.
* Share profits with as many avatars as the script will hold.
* Shares are defined by avatar key and percentage.
* Box warns owner if they are sharing more than 100% of profit.
* Share accounting is done when a rental ends to account for refunds and other unexpected cash-outs.
* Sharing considers many variables before paying out money, such as discounts the tenant received, free rent, and manual duration adjustments by managers.
* This ensures that only the money paid into the box is shared.
* Administrators.
* You can define administrators/managers who can access the rental box menus and issue commands.
* Lockable.
* You can lock the box from receiving any payments.
* This completely removes the pay option from the pie menu.
* Allows you to force out a tenant without evicting them, or disable a box for whatever reason.
* Fast pay.
* When a tenant chooses "pay" from the pie menu, they are presented with four fast pay buttons which are the L$ equivalent of the following:
* 1 unit.
* 2 units.
* 3 units.
* Max units.
* Rental history.
* Tracks and displays the last 25 important events that have occurred.
* Automatic warnings.
* Warnings are automatically sent to the tenants at 7 days, 3 days, 1 day, and 1 hour remaining.
* Auto-scaling timer.
* The box has a single timer that automatically scales depending on how much time is remaining on the rental.
* No unnecessary one-second timer when there are four weeks remaining!
* Timer switches to one-second intervals when there is less than a minute remaining to retain rental accuracy.
* No open listeners.
* Scripts only listen when needed.
* All listens are automatically closed after certain timeout periods.
* This coupled with the auto-scaling timer combine to reduce lag generated by RentTrack.
* Updateable.



  • Rental information is stored in the rental box object itself
  • Rent-to-Own
  • Eviction controls
  • Box owner can pay box to add time to current rental
  • You can define administrators/managers

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full star full star full star full star full star Posted December 31, 2018 by aeri Xaris

Did everything I needed it to. I tried others and this one has the features I needed thank you

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Great Product, but lacks more to me!!!
full star full star full star full star empty star Posted September 28, 2018 by Manuela Mileman

Works perfectly like advertised, I bought it, and its great, but I share a parcel and I missed this itens:
1. An integrated Prim Counter with Remote Status Monitor ( IM the tenant when Prim is over limits)
2. PRIM remove of land after rent ends
3. Maybe an integrated security orb,
4. Scripts to integrate with doors / windows working only when the rental is active
Thats would make this product perfect!

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