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New for version 2.0... It's MESH! and it is only ONE PRIM Land Impact! WooHoo!!

This player uses Shared Media to display the included website URLs or any you wish to add to it. (Please note, because it uses Shared Media rather than parcel media you must be using an SL viewer built on the V2.0 codebase or later that supports this feature.*)

Why spend HUNDREDS of L$ on a unit that will take you an hour to figure out just how to operate when for the cost of ONE texture upload you can have a shared media player that will do 90% of everything you will probably ever use it for anyway?



Unit is COPY and MODIFY so you can easily resize, re-texture or colorize it to fit your home decor! (Scripts are no modify) (To resize, grab a corner in edit mode and puuuull.)

Only 1 prim land impact! Perfect for your Linden Home!


Rez it. That's it! No group control box. No lengthy menus. No chat commands to remember. No blah-blah-blah users manuals that go on for ages. So simple even a Linden can use it!**

To change stations just press the 'next' and 'back' arrows on either side! (between the screen and speakers)

Unit automatically defaults to Owner control only to prevent unauthorized users from changing channels on you while you are watching. To change the security settings, reset the player, or get a copy of the operation manual, touch the 'rezzedtv' logo on the bottom of the player. This will open the options menu:

Reset : Resets the player
On/Off: Turns player off and on (Screen is black when off. Resets url to default when turned on)
Info : Gives a copy of the User Manual
Owner : Only Owner can change channels.
Group : Allows group members to change channels.
Everyone : Allows anyone to change channels.
Media Bar : Toggles on/off the menu bar that appears when your cursor hovers over the screen and lets you input a url manually. Default is off.
Verbose : Toggles on/off the announcements in local chat of the url when changing channels. Default is off.

'Stations' are urls of sites on the internet that offer streaming video you can watch in Second Life through the wonders of Shared Media. Changing channels up and down on the player causes the player to rotate through the installed urls.

None expressed nor implied. I am not responsible for accidents or injuries sustained by users of this player (such as carpal tunnel syndrome or falling out of your chair while viewing certain websites). Use at your own risk.

*Since this item is copyable I cannot offer refunds for those who buy this item and then complain later it doesn't work on their antiquated 3rd party viewer. My recommendation is to upgrade to a viewer that supports these features and see what you are missing. :)

**by "Lindens" I naturally am referring to the newbie ones with default avatars who are unfamiliar with being in world still and obviously NOT the veteran Lindens like the ones on the G-Team who can ban you and are very smart and nice and kind and understanding and have a wonderful sense of humor.

Version 2.01 Update
-Bug fix for Media Bar not always showing url field after channels have been changed.
-Added On/Off option in menu controls.
-When set to Group or Everyone, group members or anyone (respectively) other than the owner will be offered a url to the martketplace to purchase their own copy if they touch the bottom control bar.

Version 2.0 Update
-Updated to 100% mesh model. Unit is now only one prim Land Impact! Woohoo!
-Added toggle on/off option for the Media Bar and announcements in local chat when changing channels.
-Consolidated scripts (less lag!)
-Changed update check to run when rezzed rather than once per day, starting with this update.
-New Splash screen. (I'll probably do that on every update. It makes it easy to tell which version is which.)

Version 1.1 Update
-Removed autoplay setting from script default
-Screen no longer "captures" your view when touched
-Updated splash screen
-Changed name on screen from "player" to "browser" to avoid confusion
-Added Support FAQ and Help notecard to User Guide
-Changed default url from to
-Updated default url Stations notecard to remove old or no longer relevant urls and added new ones

NOTE!!! Yes, you can log into your Second Life account through the RezzedTV browser without concern that others may view your information. When logging into through the viewer the web experience is unique to your account. Meaning, while you see your account info, others see their info, not yours (if anything at all). This is true for any website you view with the browser (like Netflix, Hulu plus, etc) where you connect via a unique login.



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Really slow for me

Posted November 05, 2020 by Saijito 3 stars

It works, the instructions are easy to follow for setup, and it looks nice but it took forever to load or switch channels. Atleast it was cheap. I switched to a free browser that actually loads faster, so i wont be using this tv anymore.

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No work at all!

Posted October 31, 2020 by Aisingioro Taiyang 1 star

this TV is no work anyhow. LD10 for a prim.

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