Rezzer Vendor Machine Version 6.2

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Rezzer Vendor Machine - Holovend


✔ Compatible with small and huge builds from a simple chair to a complete house.
✔ Packager (Rez-box) included free, allows you to pack and rez your builds with accuracy and quickly, no extra setup needed to use with this vendor machine. (Just one button on menu)
✔ Packager comes with copy and transfer permissions, you can sell your creations packaged.
✔ Always online (in-world solution), always deliver products, simple and easy to setup.
✔ Rez button to display your product live, in-world.
✔ Save prims. (Land Impact of 3 at 2.5 meters in size, low LOD optimized.)
✔ Auto Derez function on menu. (Will wait for your customer or guest to leave the area before derez 3D model)
✔ Fast rez enabled automatically for models with less than 20 items / link sets.
✔ Allows you to handout an information notecard, optional for each product.
✔ Allows you to split sales with a partner.
✔ Allows you to invite your customer to join your group after any purchase.
✔ Optional Floating Text on top of the vendor. (Mall friendly)
✔ Digital display with the price of current item selected
✔ Daily and Instant Reports of your sales, sent to any email address.
✔ Instant notification of a sale sent as an Instant Message.
✔ Handles an average of 100 products in each vendor machine. (This number may vary according to the "size" of names of your products, textures and information notecard.)
✔ Automatically renames itself to the current product being displayed, making reconciliation with your Second Life transaction history much quicker.
✔ Color menu on touch, 3 colors to choose, to match your decoration and enhance your products.
✔ No worries or concerns with rotations or lag, no extra listeners or timers enabled when not necessary.

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Copy and Modify.
All scripts are no mod.
Packager permissions are copy and transfer (included)


Updated: January 2021

I hope you will enjoy this item as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Any questions feel free to IM me. Have fun!


Andred Darwin.
LunaMare Designs.


Updated: January 2022

Version 6.2
Only packager scripts were updated, addressing the following:

- Increased the timeout for an object to be ready in-world before assuming rez failed and retry.
* Fixes a situation where the box would rez a very large linkset twice (such as boats, with over 150 prims, over 400 textures in one linkset and dozens of scripts, animations, etc.)
# Affects scenes containing one or more very large linkset with over 150 prims.

- Increased the delay to delete all objects when receiving the command from a rezzer machine while rezzing a scene with over 5 objects.
* Fixes a situation where box cannot delete the last object while rezzing a set of objects, in regions with a high number of scripts running.
# Affects scenes with over 5 objects running on a heavy scripted region when using a rezzer machine.

The update is simple and instructions are included with this package.

As with all updates, they are free, and you should have received a new version.
If for some reason you did not received this version, feel free to do a redelivery here at the marketplace, or send me an IM for purchases in-world.


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  • Temporary or Permanent Rezzer (not temp rez)
  • Auto derez on menu.
  • Holo vendor aka holovend
  • Easy setup free rezbox aka rez-box included
  • Split sales, group invite and more also built in

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full star full star full star full star full star Posted January 17, 2024 by Rypina

Very convenient and intuitive rezzer/vendor. The creator responds quickly if you need help setting up. Satisfied with the purchase.

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LunaMare Designs
LunaMare Designs
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Sold by: Andred Darwin
Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
    See product details for permissions info
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 3
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh