Rin's Mesh Giant Avatar v4.4 (Bento, Fitmesh, BoM) Version 4.4

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- You need to use a "Project Bento" compatible viewer.

- NOT recommended to the following: new residents, casual users, and picky people :P

- Normal AO are NOT 100% compatible with this avatar.

- It supports Bakes on Mesh / BoM.

- Avatar physics do NOT work properly on huge macro avatars.

- Some shape sliders are NOT working (it's a SL problem related to custom joints...)

- Bento head/hands animations NOT included.

- There are several bugs/problems with mesh items in SL.

- If you want to use Omega appliers you also need the relay, here is the link:


- You have to read the instructions.

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Unique, sexy & curvy
Mesh body with over 20 alpha / hide options
6 skin tones ( fair, tan, pale, dark, tan2, pale2)
6 colored skin tones (blue, green, grey, etc...)
Skin/Clothing Applier scripts
Clothing "Onion" layers (none in the BoM body/head)
Interactive clothing system
3 built-in layer clothing sets
1 Fitmesh clothing set (tube dress, etc...)
Avatar height: around 11-12 meters / 36-39 feet
Perms Copy / Modify / No transfer
Low lag (4 - 7 scripts)
Omega system support



Check the "Contents" tab to see all the items included.



Upgrades / Fixes / What's new:

v4.4 (2020-02-09)
• Some changes here and there.

v4.3.4 (2019-12-10)
• Fixed the eyes problem

v4.3 (2019-12-03)
• New improved head
• New over shirt / alternate shirt layer
• Included heels for mid feet

v4.2        (2019-09-09)
• BoM update
• New improved feet.
• Some little code changes.
v4.0.1       (2018-07-22)
• Some little changes related to the makeup layer
• Eyelashes alpha mask mode is now turned on by default
• Added some options in the head's dialog menu.

v4.0       (2018-06-08)
• New improved head and body.
• Put a nail color/tint changer in the HUD
• The flat chest body is back.

v3.1        (2018-03-19)
• Changed the way you dress/undress the clothing layers when you use the HUD.
• Added a neck extension object.
• Some little changes here and there.
v3.0 (2017-09-09)
• Bento Head
• Bento Hands
• Fitted Mesh Body
• "Onion" Clothing Layers
• Improved Skin/Clothing Applier scripts
• HUD with less polygons
• Physics support
• The custom joint offsets are built-in now, the "deformer" is no longer needed.
• Omega System is now supported.

v2.2 (2016-05-20)
- Improved the scripts' code:
• Textures load faster now.
• The skin/clothing applier scripts won't give you errors when you select a skin/clothing option with empty UUID keys.
• The glow effect is fixed now, your feet won't glow if they are hidden.
• Optimized code for almost all the main scripts.

- Improved the HUD, more options, lighter, less links, etc. If you change its position it won't reset.
- Added 2 new animations into the Giant AO: a sitting and a ground sitting animation

v2.1  (2015-03-28)
- Added some extra deformers
- Fixed the "white flickering around the eyes" that "low graphic settings users" were getting.

v2.0      (2014-12-12)
- Increased the size of the avatar from 8m to 11m
- New tight clothing template/layer (you can use it for tattoo textures too)
- More alpha options
- More options for the skin/clothing appliers.
- The mesh nips are now linked into the body.
- Some little changes here and there.
- Got rid of the seamless bodies in this version.

v1.9     (2014-07-17)
- Lowered the render draw weight (faster load times)
- Turned the Alpha HUD into the Body HUD ( more options)
- New Clothing Applier for the Multi Alpha bodies
- New option to switch between normal feet and tiptoe feet*
*( click the blue triangle button in the Body HUD Alpha tab)
- It's faster to hide your feet now
- New PG skins

v1.8 (2014-05-30)
- More body improvements
- New Alpha HUD for the Multi Alpha bodies
- New hands with nails
- New head
- Toe nails are now separated from the feet.
- New tiptoe feet
- New mesh clothes
- New mesh hair

v1.7 (2014-03-21)
- New improved body!
- Added scripts for skin makers
- Some script fixes
- Improved updater

v1.6 (2013-06-22)
- Lock/Unlock is working again in the Multi Alpha bodies
- Fixed the problem with the Custom textures in the Seamless bodies
- Added 2 new options in the Clothing menu, one to show/hide the sleeves and the other to remove all the clothes (Multi Alpha bodies)


Latest update: 2019 - 12 - 10
Previous update: 2019 - 09 - 09
Release date: November 2nd 2012




  • Please read the details tab.

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One of the best mesh giant avatars

Posted August 19, 2018 by Fox Moonwinder 5 stars

I have like.. 0 experience with Marco avatars but I have to say this was by far the easiest and most fun avatar to mod. With Omega support and a wide variety of clothes this avatar is absolutely fantastic even the sliders were easy to play around with and adjust proportions properly! 10/10 would buy again~

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In absolute love

Posted July 18, 2018 by Renee India 4 stars

This has been the most fun, working and exploring with this Giant Avatar. Its easy to wear and set up. Its Omega capable, however the Omega makeup does not work correctly (The makeup is showing up UNDER the skin, and not over top the head). Omega does not work for the hairbase as well, but there is a hairbase addition that is easy to work. The Feet have a couple glitches when changing from flat to tiptoe, sometimes the toenails do not move in the right spot. Ive contacted owner, she's been very kind and helpful.

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