Rock Steady Logistar Super 5-Ton Truck - GTFO! Ready Version 7.3

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Over the road drivers appreciate trucks designed for economy, dependability, and success. The Larsson Logistics Logistar cargo delivery truck has been specially designed for successful cargo delivery travel on SL mainland roads, so you can easily "Get'er Done" as you planned and go quickly to the next freight delivery.

This truck has been very popular with SL drivers since first introduced in early 2018. A customer replied on April 30, 2018: "I would like to let you know that the truck, the Logistar, it's wonderful. It will drive over anything, rock steady." Here is a customer message from May 13, 2018: "Drives just like I wished. It's a great truck." On May 21, 2018 a customer told me, "Having a blast, thank you!!! Love!"

And the tradition of excellence continues into 2021! No other SL vehicles offer my scripting, nor do they offer the road handling vehicle geometry I designed for the vehicle itself.

You will love Larsson "Active Steering." My carefully designed algorithm adjusts handling of the truck to the speed you have selected. When you change gear speeds this car accurately tells you the gear speed, the mps power, and the coefficient for active steering.

Logistar is easy to drive, no awkwardness having to remember lots of commands. Speed is controlled with a ten-speed transmission (gears) so you can can choose to travel at reasonable speeds according to road conditions. Use viewer motion controls jump up and crouch down to change gear speed, or use keyboard page up/down arrows. There are three reverse speeds, just key "low" or "normal" or "high" in chat to select the reverse gear you want.

As driver sits you hear engine start up and exhaust pipe gives appropriate exhaust smoke. When driver stands exhaust automatically ends. You will notice the forward engine sound is realistic for a truck of this size, there is a quiet idle sound, and there is a beep-beep classic back up warning sound when you go into reverse.

To increase operator utility, the Logistar has working rear cargo doors, cab doors, a working cargo loading ramp that extends from truck to the ground, and working spotlight headlights (if you have advanced lighting selected in your viewer graphics preferences). Doors have sound effects you would expect.

Headlights are controlled by a button on dash and you hear electronic confirmation sound when you touch it. Touch back bumper for a "beep beep" truck delivery horn sound or key a "b" in chat. Truck is also scripted to work with the NTBI automated gas pumps you find around SL.

One of long-time gripes for SL drivers is the tendency of vehicles to "lose their view." No worries here since Logistar has a three-position viewer control HUD. When you sit you see standard behind truck view, and HUD lets you return to that view anytime SL gets goofy, and there are two other views. Second is through the eyes of driver, and the third is an eagle eye view from above for moving in tight places like loading ramps.

This is an approved GTFO! vehicle. VAPI code and API are script already installed. VAPI code is: LLLOGISTAR. Specifications are: Larsson Logistar | Capacity: 3 Heavy Crates (900 FU | Overhead: G$0 per kilometer.

It is already set up to work immediately newest 2021 GTFO! v1.9.0a.

Notice there are three freight crates already inside cargo area. Three more items will be loaded and unloaded automatically for you as you accept and deliver freight loads. There is also a fun stand inside just inside the left side cargo door where your avatar can "supervise" the loading and unloading if you wish (touch the floor of cargo area for this sit).

If you plan to park your truck inworld for a while the prim equivalent is only 36. I have adjusted the physics on the vehicle, and of course you can take a passenger along with you in cab.

This is a copy only vehicle. It features my touch to size script so you can easily adjust vehicle size to your liking. Touch spare tire behind cab and esize menu will appear on your viewer screen. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance with seating. I will be happy to do this for you.

Thanks, stay safe, and best wishes!


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  • Driving animation arms move, hands grasp wheel, head looks side to side
  • Active steering designed for stability and enjoyable driving on mainland
  • 10 forward gears, 1 reverse, great wheel texture, front wheels steer, all rotate
  • Great truck engine sounds: driving, idle, and beep beeping in reverse
  • Driving animation arms move, hands grasp wheel, head looks side to side

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Great Freight Truck!

Posted July 26, 2018 by Crim Mip 5 stars

This isn't a fancy truck, it doesn't have a ton of special features, not even working instruments. If that's what you want, look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want a truck that handles well even at higher speeds, crosses sims well even at higher speeds, and looks good, this is the truck you want. It comes with a basic camera hud and that's it. The doors on the back open if you want that. Otherwise, this is just an amazing vehicle to drive along the roads and explore. The scripting is custom, not ACS, and it doesn't have the twitchiness in steering that a lot of vehicles exhibit. Considering the price, this can't get anything less that 5 stars. I'd really suggest considering this as well as the Mainlander ATV (Jeep) which is priced similarly, has the same scripting, and is just as much fun.

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The best!

Posted June 13, 2018 by YuliaPavlova 5 stars

Updated for version 3.6

Much of what I suggested was quickly put in place so I have reevaluated the current version and continue to feel this is clearly worthy of 5 stars.

Not new to driving nor GTFO so using my experience for this review. Most of the time I do GTFO by Air and Sea, but wanted to try something new and this seemed the perfect way to test how GTFO is over land and I did not want to spend a lot in case something I did not like it keeping in mind how trying driving in SL can be for many reasons. All that said I was happily surprised after doing a few runs. Besides the great price I like the fact the size is right for normal average height/size people I am 5'5 (I see some makers make things that will only fit people 6'+). The scripting does a good job keeping you upright, I never went over using view(s) by the truck or supplied camera/view HUD. I also like the fact the truck is mod minus the scripts of course. Some ideas for improvement.... Would be nice to have the included textures full mod because with non-trans SL will not allow customers to download them which is needed if customer wish to mod them outside SL which is needed to put a logo or something on them. Blank template for logo on truck would be nice. Not going to mention adding animations because that I would consider a major job and would not feel comfortable suggesting that for something that sells for only $L400 currently. Very nice work and again I Highly recommend.

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