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This is a set of stylish, elegant wooden signs, carefully crafted to make your venue feel rustic and inviting. These were initially designed for the landing point of an RP community, to look and feel like the signs commonly posted at the borders of small, rural towns, but they also include extensive customization support to fit perfectly with parks, stores, restaurants, and anything else you can imagine!

All of the signs are 100% mesh, an original design by Natasha Petrichor, with custom physics models and carefully-crafted LOD (level of detail) scaling: The main sign faces are fully visible and undistorted even at the lowest quality and furthest distances, ensuring that these signs are as practical as they are beautiful. And even with that high level of quality, each sign's land impact is only 1 LI!

There are two different base models included: In addition to the standard model with decorative wooden legs, there's also a legless version, for wall-mounting or compatibility with other mounting solutions, to ensure that there's always a version of this sign that fits with your build.

And, for those who prefer to customize their signs by putting a transparent texture over the background, instead of changing the background, we've included a layered version that adds two additional overlay faces on each side of the sign (a round face at the top for a square logo texture, and a large rectangular face at the bottom for the main text). This makes customization easier, especially if you already have textures uploaded, and while this method of signmaking usually involves adding your own prims (which increases the LI and can result in misalignment or clipping), our extra mesh customization layers ensure that your signs will always be perfectly-aligned and low-LI (still 1 LI per sign), no matter how you make your signs!

Additional features include:
- Custom materials on all faces, with meticulous calibration for a realistic look.
- Separate faces front and rear, for one-sided signs or signs that read differently on each side (for example, "Welcome!" on one side and "Thanks For Visiting!" on the other).
- Tintable faces on all parts of the sign (legs, frame, front, and rear).
- Unscripted signs, to reduce script lag in heavily-built sims.
- Two different sign background textures: Painted wood, for designs that look carved into the sign background (also works well for the back of a one-sided sign), and carved wood, for designs that look relief-carved to stand outward from the background (common on this type of sign in real life).
- Full-permission templates for each background texture, as well as the Main Text faces on the layered versions, to download and customize however you wish.
- Mod/Copy/No-Transfer permissions on all sign objects.


We've included every possible variation of the sign in this kit, which means there are 20 different objects and a half-dozen textures. So, this section is an overview of the different variations and naming conventions; a full detailed list of everything in the box is contained in the "Packing List" notecard. There's also a "Customization Guide" notecard included, detailing how to get the most out of your signs.

As mentioned above, all sign objects are 1 LI with Mod/Copy/No-Transfer permissions, and all textures are full-permissions.

The standard base model is named "Rustic Welcome Sign", and the alternate version without legs is named "Rustic Wall Sign". Any variations will be listed in parentheses after the name; the versions without parentheses are blank, with the carved-wood background on one side and the painted-wood background on the other, and no extra overlay layers.

Variants included:
- 2x-Painted: Painted-wood background on both sides (separately customizable).
- 2x-Carved: Carved relief background on both sides (separately customizable).
- Layered: Includes extra overlay faces linked to the sign. Two faces per side, regardless of background.
- City Park: The generic example sign shown in the vendor image, included as a design reference, with a blank painted-wood background on its rear side.
- City Park 2x: Same as the City Park variant, but with the sign texture on both sides instead of a blank rear.

For questions or support, or for customization inquiries, contact Natasha Petrichor.

Thanks for your purchase! Enjoy!

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