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SAC MP5 A5 Navy Sub-Machinegun - version 1.04

MP5 introduction movie "SAC MP5 A5 Navy in SecondLife"

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<<Special Information for "VERY" Special People>>

This is a Semi/Auto Sub-Machinegun, you have to "Mouse Button" click to shoot
at "Mouselook Mode", and this product can not dump 30 rounds in 1 sec.


It does NOT shoot:
-Nukes or other Explosives
-GCS Compatible Bullet
(ask zombie Sim owner LLCS bullets can be worked or not)

It does NOT have:
-HUD system(someday we will make it, sorry for inconvenient)
-MOD permission, you can only operate through the menu(resize, recolor etc)
-Not for "Niramyth" body users(tell me which gun they can use lol)


** Credits **
Director: Catty Hammerer(SAC, SSOC)
Build & Texture: Eripom Moonwall(SAC, SSOC),TFA Akina(UEPONYA)
Scripts: TFA Akina(UEPONYA)
Animations: Chibiuzu Noel(Uzunimation)

MP5 Advisor: Kurohige Steamer(SAC, Editor of Military DVD Magazine "GUNNER")
>>> see more info of "GUNNER" at this URL below

** Features **

-Designed for all collision meters(like BNWCS, CCS, XRPS, ECS etc.) and LLCS.
-NOT MESH, Detailed prim work. (see more images)
-Real size weapon.(with RESIZER)
-Low lag scripting.
-Custom sounds.
-Custom Animations(Recoil, Reloading, Stance, Angle, Sidestep and etc)
-Always keeps gun settings.
-Auto Update.
-Fully AO Controled(contains over 80 animations * 3 sizes)
-Dynamic kneeling.
-Dynamic reloading.
-Dynamic Switching Stances
-Selectable Optical Sights(DotSight, MicroDot, HoloSight).
-Selectable Stocks(Slide, Visor, Fixed, Wood)
-Selectable Forend(Normal, Surefire, SD, Wood)
-Selectable Color(Receiver, Optics, Stock, Forend, Pistol Grip).

-Realistic 9mm Mag Pouch Included.(included "Modifiable" / "Copy Only").
*see the notecard "How to setup SAC MP5 Mag Pouch" for detail

<< TonkTastic FDT Gloves or Protection Gloves is Required!! >>

>> For FDT Gloves Users

- Main Gun detects and connects your FDT gloves automatically.
(NOTICE: FDT Gloves "On Duty" or "Complete" version is required, "CIvilian" is not supported)

TonkTastic - FDT Gloves(Complete):

TonkTastic - FDT Gloves(On Duty):

>>For Protection Gloves(PTN) Users

-"SAC Gloves Controler (for TonkTastic) v1.36": Automated Gloves Pose Changer Script
Installable script for "TonkTastic - Protection Gloves", its included in the box,
(rez your gloves on the ground, and drop this script into it, and take gloves).

TonkTastic - Protection Gloves:

this feature will be activated next "draw" command when you attach gloves.

*if your can see multiple gloves hands, set neutral pose(top and center in Pose HUD) once.


Seems Transform(or resize) is Incompleted?:
you see often prim-transform isn't completed like gaps between prims,
its cause of packet-loss, SL bug. Re-Attach will solve this issue.

Quick Kneeling:
you wil kneeling when holding PageDown key or C key, and you will stand up when you releasing Key.

Dual Magazine:
more quick reloading when you have reserve mag.

SAC MP5 Mags(LHand) v1.0???:
please attach(or "add") your left hand, just for fun.

Strobing Flash Light:
you can strobing flash light to target by "Flash" command.

you can sprinting when you off-mouselook mode, keeps 5 secs and 10 secs to re-charging.

you can switch stance "realtime" by "swap" command, Forend Grip or Magwell Grip.

ECS Mode???:
SSOC Original Combat System since 2008, don't you know about that? lol
but its just collision type meter, and some guns has ECS bullets.

Dummy Fire??:
in Preview menu, you can see "dummyfire" button, its firing preview for owner(its you),
when you previewing "Aim" stance, effects and anime started, try this for fun!!
(you can take picture of your own gun firing)

**Update History**

v1.04 - updated

tweak - bullet impact effects has been upgraded.
fix - some minor issues.

v1.03 - updated

tweak - animation scripts has been upgraded.
dynamic camera for sprinting has been added.

v1.02 - updated

fix - some minor issues.

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  • Detailed prim work. (see more images)
  • RealTime Aiming Stance Control by gesture command
  • Designed for all Collision meters(BNWCS, CCS, XRPS, ECS etc.) and LLCS
  • Modifiable Mag Pouch
  • Low lag scripting

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For the love of MP5 and it's Mods

Posted June 03, 2020 by Lunarei Kiyori 5 stars

The MP5 is simply one of the most favored and modular weapons in the world. I will never not love seeing it and it's glory. Upon joining SL 2 years ago, this was the very first gun I bought and I will continue to wear it proudly.

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Posted October 12, 2018 by MICKE94 Avora 5 stars

Great submachine guns. Many attachments, awesome scripts and much more.

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  • 4.75 stars Reviews (8)

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