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Experience the ultimate power and the best spells available with Ultima HUD !
With the Offensive mode and the RP mode, a fast, intuitive and innovating user interface, Ultima 3 R-Evolution is the most complete and advanced next generation spell & combat HUD, conceived for the most demanding users.
Hundred of powerful spells, defenses, attacks, tools, with custom sounds, amazing special effects and crazy synchronized animations.
The Offensive mode gives you real power and efficient defenses with the unique features of Ultima HUD.
A RP mode with a melee weapon compatible with collision based combat meters.
With real magical power, strong protection, and the best spells and invokes you'll ever see, Ultima HUD will accompany you on your most beautiful fights and lead you to victory!

♦ RPG Mode features ♦

✓ The most beautiful spells, powers, and invokes.
✓ Amazing animations and effects with the spells.
✓ Abilities and powers.
✓ Customizable and teachable fairy pet.
✓ Unique melee weapon compatible HUD controled, compatible with collision based combat meters
✓ 3 combat styles with great animations, sounds and effects (special effects or not, non-enhanced)
✓ Region performance information and lag meter.
✓ Many different style of spells, vampire spells with spiders, snakes or reaper, angel spells....
✓ Teleporters and useful tools

...and much more !

♦ Offensive Mode features ♦

✓ Powerful spells and attacks with amazing FX
✓ Sim wide radar & attacks (radar also show avatars language)
✓ Non-Physical Vehicle (NPV), and Attack Reflector (Reflects your opponent's attack back to them)
✓ Superior shields, Avatar and Object interceptors
✓ Offset and escapers
✓ Ditch followers placed on you
✓ Customizable flight assist and options
✓ Ban, Eject, Un-sit ( land owner)
✓ Massive pushes, and pulling attacks
✓ Deformers & undeformer for yourself and your friends
✓ Shield breakers (pass through ALL shields)
✓ Advanced Move-Lock (prevent from being pushed)
✓ Click and drag avatars
✓ RLV support for auto-sit (with RLV enabled viewers)
✓ Scanner with language recognition, Channels Listener
✓ Send IM or speak in the chat under a pseudo identity
✓ Teleporters, TP to target, inter-sims portal
✓ I-Sphere (off-sim attacks, advanced tools, chat relay)
✓ Interactive region map
✓ Region performance Information and Lag Meter
✓ Online indicator (see people's online status)
✓ Resize, minimize or reposition HUD windows
✓ Integrated help, fully detailed, imaged and easy to understand
✓ Integrated applications & add-ons store
✓ Easy to use developers API to make you able to add your own contents and create your own spells
✓ Full support for add-ons and 3rd party developers contents
✓ Amazing animations and special effects!

...and much more !

♦ Infos ♦

Best performances ever, NO LAG even for the biggest spells, low script, low prim and server cost !
This product DOES NOT contain griefing tools like spammers, crashers or prohibited weapons and is TOS friendly.

*SATISFACTION GUARANTEE* You won't regret your buy !
I am a professional digital artist and programmer that constantly work to share you the best : my goal is to bring you the highest quality.
I provide a 7/7 user friendly and responsive support to accompany you in your magical experience, you'll never be stuck with unanswered questions.
By purchasing this product you are sure to receive through lifetime free updates the latest innovations never seen before, Ultima HUD is often copied but never equalled !

Further questions? Ask to Ultima HUD users, we are thousands in-world, and we have a friendly dedicated users support group with over 3500 members !

*Terms Of Service & License Agreement*
Ultima HUD is copyable/transferable only by/to its original purchaser. Copies will not be delivered to alternative accounts under any circumstance. Please read the manual or test first on yourself to be certain of what each function does prior to testing it on others. Do not use the HUD for griefing purpose. Magic Emerald reserves the right to deactivate parts of your product in case of license violation or termination of our services.

Visit our website for more informations about us :

Complete description in the PDF file :

♦ Support ♦

If you have questions, experience delivery issues or for a demonstration of the product please contact Taisha Emerald in-world or start a live chat at :

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  • Simply the most beautiful & powerful spells you'll ever see
  • Two modes provided in the HUD : Offensive and RolePlay
  • Shields, protection, security, reflect, push/pull, and much more!
  • Melee weapon compatible with collision based meters
  • Hundred of defenses, attacks and spells. Sim wide radar

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Posted September 13, 2019 by Edge Velde 5 stars

It's a very very very fantastic hud, the effects are simply spectacular. The support is very fast and kind, Taisha aswered me soon for solve my trouble. Recommended

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Style points

Posted June 30, 2019 by TrixieStyx 5 stars

After months of playing with it I haven't encountered any issues that couldn't be blamed on server lag or asset issues which are out of Emerald's control, SL has come a long way but it still has it's limits. While I agree with others that this hud makes me feel more like a summoner then a mage, that's what I like about it. There are plenty of magic huds out there that let you hurl fireballs or shoot lighting out of your hand, this is the only one I know of that lets you conjure creatures or literately call down the thunder and that gives this system it's own identity. The plug-ins are also nice as they let you customize your hud with a verity of options, when most huds have a set set of spells and that's all you get. For me it all comes down to style points, calling spells takes longer then casting them but it has more flare, though I can see where others might still prefer faster and more traditional spell huds.

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