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STOP! Try the demo first!

4 variants: standard with attached ears and attached neck, no ears and attached neck, attached ears and no neck, no ears and no neck (classic detached head)

Notecard copypasta:

Hey, guys! Thanks for checking out the Fennex head, I'm pretty happy with this one.

The HUD is standard and pretty easy to use, but I will say a few things:

-When you wear the head and HUD for the first time, please reset your skeleton and animations to prepare your av for a new bento head. Please also initialize your HUD by selecting a starting blink and jaw state.

- When applying a BoM skin to the head, SL likes to assign the skin an alpha channel, even though the file is 24bit TARGA?? An update will be released to fix this in a roundabout, scripty way but for now, set the base head mesh back to [alpha mode: none], on your own.

(edit the head, either while worn or rezzed, and use "select face" to select ONLY the right and left sides of the base head mesh, then set alpha mode to none like in the picture below) *image included in notecard*

Since a lot of us are moving to BoM only, it's going to be useful to know how to do this.

- When wearing the earless versions of the head, make sure the "animate the ears too!" options is turned off in the emotes tab of the HUD. The head ain't gOT NOT GOTDANG EARS, so turn it off, or else your head won't animate.

- If you need a dummy rig for the head, join the server and request one in the support channel! https://discord.gg/DAK8UfW

If you need any support at all, join the server for that too! https://discord.gg/DAK8UfW

(I will not respond to private messages in sl or on any other chat programs unless I ask you to do so. I will not accept friend requests from people I do not already know.)


Q: Why does my head look super weird and deformed?
A: Wear the shape the head comes with and reset your skeleton and animations.

Q: Why do the shape sliders make my head look weird/some of them don't work at all?
A: The SL bento armature was intended for use with human faces only and getting a furry head to work with those sliders in a way that is not uncanny is a huge hassle. Can it be done? Yes. Will I do it? Probably not, but that's why I've created a demo.

Q. Why are parts of my head disappearing?
A: Please see the first chunk of text above; you need to set the base head to alpha mode: none.

Q: Why can't I open my mouth?
A: Turn the emotes off, they are priority 4 while the static anims are all priority 3.

Q: I've messaged you and left notecards but I can't get support!
A: I only offer support in discord. https://discord.gg/DAK8UfW

Q: What do I do if I don't have discord and I'm not willing to get it?
A: That's your choice and it's valid, but this is my choice and it is also valid.

Update Log:
2021.03.23 - Fixed a permissions issue rendering the head "no copy" after being rezzed
2021.03.28 - Added a masculine edit of the head with 4 variants to correspond with the smaller fennex head; raised the price
2021.04.01 - Fixed another permissions issue, fixed a deformer problem on the masc heads



  • Bento
  • BoM capable
  • 12 animated expressions
  • 4 variants; attached/unattached ears/neck
  • Now updated with a masculine sized head

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Posted October 10, 2021 by sirlawler 3 stars

It's ok but the expression hud is wonky :/

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my head game is ridiculous now

Posted July 21, 2021 by Indica Cloud 5 stars

all my hairs fit, i can wear a WHOLE ASS SKI MASK IF I WANTED TO???? hello!??!?!

i feel cute af and nobody can tell me otherwise.

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