SH-60 US Navy Seahawk Version 1.2.1

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SH-60 US Navy Seahawk

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Compatible with our MFU (Modular Firefighter Unit) for HD and TPF Firefighter Systems.
See related item below.

Rescue version with winch for basket and harness rescue missions and a cargo hook to lift objects.
Emergency Floatation System deploys automatically when hitting the water or manually via chat command or HUD.
This aircraft comes modifiable complete with all the textures for you to create your own, to sell, for your group and roleplay.
Sits 11 people, including pilot and copilot and door gunner.

Modifiable Helicopter!
Prims and Textures modifiable, scripts are not.
Textures included

64 Prims / 67 Land Impact

This package Contains:

SH-60 Seahawk v1.2 = Fully Scripted Aircraft
SH-60 Seahawk Display = Display version without scripts
SH-60 US Navy Textures
Hoist Control HUD
cargo cable script (everyone)
cargo cable script (owner)

Flight Controls:

Page Up increases Collective, above 50% ascending
Page Down decreases Collective, below 50% decends
At 50% collective the helicopter has a automated passive altitude control (governor) prohibiting the helicopter to loose to much altitude during maneuvers.
Using the p in chat command or Hold Altitude or P on the HUD it will actively hold your altitude at the height activated.

Arrows left and right will make the aircraft turn at 0% - 10% cyclic, or turn and bank when cyclic is 15% or higher.
Arrows shift left and right will make the aircraft strafe left and right at 0% cyclic or turn and bank when cyclic is above or below 0%.

Arrows Forward and Reverse will increase or decrease cyclic, making the aircraft fly faster forward or revers.

Mouselook Steering
Mouselook steering can be activated with the m command or on the HUD pressing Mouse Steer or M.
Deactivated you can fly in mouselook using the normal keyboard controls as described above.
When activated and when in mouselook the vehicle will try to turn such that it points in the same direction as your camera.
Arrows left and right will make the aircraft strafe.
When out of mouselook the aircraft can be controlled with your keyboard normally as explained above.

Rescue Harness & Basket

Use the Hoist Control HUD to activate all options for the winch.
STR = Stretcher
HRN = Harness
BSK = Basket
GNY = Gurney
You can select up or down arrows on the HUD and the basket or harness will lower in one meter increments.
The harness has two attachments for rescue operations, to make the second attached harness visible say "show" or say "hide" to make it invisible again.
The winch will only work when the pilot is seated.
Maximum range is 96 meters from the helicopter, it is not advised to cross sim boarders with a lowered basket or harness.

Quick Rope System
Simple click the winch to rez a rope, the rope has a length of 20 meters and a black ball to sit on to rope quickly down to the ground.

Cargo Hook System

There are two scripts in the package 'cargo cable script (everyone)' & 'cargo cable script (owner)'.
Add one of these scripts to the object you want to lift.
'cargo cable script (owner)' will only allow the object owner to lift it 'cargo cable script (everyone)' will allow anyone to lift the cargo.
Beware, when the script is added to vehicles this can cause undesirable effects and should be deleted after lifting.

To lift objects, hover approx. 10 meters above the object and say 'hook' in the chat or press the Cargo Hook button on your HUD.

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  • Fully Working Instruments
  • Winch with Basket, Harness, Stretcher and Gurney
  • Vice scripted with AGM-114 Hellfires and M240B door gun
  • Cargo hook for lifting loads
  • Emergency Flotation System

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Posted October 11, 2018 by DerrickDude 5 stars

I have been flying this helicopter around the grid for a couple of months now. Being an ex helicopter crewman in the US Navy (SH-3H Sea Kings), I have to say I love the paint scheme. Although not completely true to form , it is quite good. The visual details throughout the aircraft are fantastic.

Flying: FANFREAKINTASTIC!!! It crosses sims very well even on my crappy 6mbps connection. Turns and hovers like a dream!
The sound: OMG, you can actually hear the whine of the main gear box when flying in mouse look!!! Very realistic!!!!!

The working hoist and VICE system is nice and works very well.

You will love this aircraft in your collection! Just get it, you won't be disappointed!

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A flying dream

Posted May 12, 2015 by Riverdeep 5 stars

First off, this helicopter flies like a dream. The handling, the looks, the sounds, all perfect, and it responds just right during flight. It can be sensitive so keep your fingers light tapping on the keys. The Sea Hawk can pretty much do it all, armed with missiles, door gun (awesome sound) and a winch with various equipment, also seating a crew. Flying in mouselook is excellent, and to stay just above the water surface makes for a nice ripple effect before setting the helicopter down on the floats.

I’ve flown this heli around laggy sims staying on path, even carried a passenger on the stretcher winched down across sim borders and that actually worked too. Winch them back up and they can have a seat inside and your Hud can take away the stretcher and all.

The only thing I can think of that you don’t have, is the RL counterpart’s submarine hunting tools, since that is one major purpose for this model. I’m no expert but I think Hellfire is for armor, while the Penguin is for sea targets. If I could ask for one thing on this Sea Hawk, it would be to replace two of the four Hellfire with Penguin or torpedoes. The weapons carried now are more like the HH-60H Rescue Hawk?

Moving on I really like how the helicopter is mod and stretchable, with included textures. Which also makes me wonder if there would be like expansion packs for it, such as different types of missile packages and whatnot. I’m already thinking about getting the MFU. The default heli size allows for a 2+ m tall avatar in the cockpit no problem, but even a below 2 m avatar could be somewhat cramped in the back, so expect to enlarge the helicopter to around 85 LI if you need to have enough room back there.

All in all, 5 stars is just the beginning of how amazing this helicopter is, and at 1600 L you’re getting it at a good price too!

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