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**NOTE:** This product is currently in Public Beta. This means that some of the features are still work in progress and that you may find some bugs. By using this product you accept that you are supporting the SL Colonies project and will experience bugs and frequent forced updates. We have support groups and bug reporting processes on our Discord and are working hard to complete our first full release v1.0!

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SL Colonies is a new up and coming Survival Based RPG system which works Grid-Wide.

SL Colonies defers greatly from other systems within Second Life in that its focus is to encourage all players within the system to get out there and visit other lands in order to progress in their chosen profession.

Every profession requires to interact with another in order to survive and to be successful. Whether it be obtaining tools from a carpenter or smith to harvest your farm fields. Obtaining milk and wheat to bake high energy foods, or simply to visit a baker or brewer to stock up in much needed food and drink in order to even survive. Perhaps you enjoy trade and being a merchant – buying low, selling high?

Whether you are a world builder making a new RPG, or you are a small land owner wanting to build a small farm or just enjoy cooking in your own home, or perhaps you have no land but would like to play and be a part of something greater – the limit is your imagination.

You can really rule your own empire or lead your own life!

The HUD & Meter

The HUD & Meter allows a player to experience everything there is within SLColonies. Players will find themselves being able to select a race, followed by gender and profession that they would like to play.

Professions restrict a player to using certain crafting stations. This is the heart of the idea, as it prevents players from owning every gatherable and crafting station in the game and setting up mass production farms. Players will be able to select new professions from the portal, however there will be a cost in XP to do so.

There are 7 survival stats in this game, comprising of:


To stay alive, you must eat, drink, rest & sleep. If you experience any effect which causes you to bleed or become poisoned, those stats will also slowly trickle and cause you to eventually become unconscious and die, so you will need to visit healers and apply first aid in order to recover fully.

To learn more: www.slcolonies.com

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  • Survival Stats (Hunger, Thirst, Health, Energy, Blood, Poison, Fatigue)
  • Roleplaying Game
  • Gathering
  • Farming
  • Crafting & Trading

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SL Colonies
SL Colonies
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