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The SasTech People Detector is a radar with some very cool features. It's small and compact and simple to use.

* New! Clickable names in the radar display to see their profile!
* Full-sim scans now work in ANY viewer!
* Choose from legacy names or display names.
* Shows nearby people, their horizontal and vertical distance, and what they are doing.
* Shows a full 16 person list and let's you flag your partner and friends with special characters (like little hearts next to your loved ones!) so you can find them easily.
* Shows who is in chat range and who is not via color coding.
* Set scan rate, max range, and
* Spy Cam feature lets you spy on people - great for people watching at a party or for sim owners to keep an eye on what's going on around them. This mode is UNDETECTABLE - Emerald and other clients with the "Show LookAt" feature do NOT show you looking at someone when in Spy Cam mode! Keep your staring private! :)
* Magic Door lets you TP directly to people you are watching in Spy Mode.
* Red Alerts let you know when specific people that you want to avoid come near you.
* Lag Meter shows the current sim lag.
* AV Reminders system lets you set a reminder to yourself to contact someone when they are online at the same time you are. I can't live without this feature! It's a GREAT help for busy people that need to contact lots of people frequently and helps keep your friends list bloat down. Instead of friending someone so you remember to contact them, just add them to your reminder list with a note about what you need to contact them about.
* Well behaved scripts - automatically lowers scan rate and uses LESS script time in laggy areas
* This hud uses special anti-noscript technology to keep running even in no-script land.
* This radar uses my own private "name2key" lookup service because the popular name2key services I have been using before were unreliable and failed if an avatar was not in their private database. My own service NEVER fails to find ANY name and is much faster.

Updates are automatic and free for life.

More Details

This hud is designed to be as simple and as intuitive to operate as possible. All the basic functions can be operated by simple clicks.

Radar name display format:

<Name> <horizontal distance> <compass direction> <height (+/- vert distance)> <status>

This radar makes it much easier to understand where someone is. The <horizontal distance> is not a straight line distance to the avatar, like most radar scanners do. If someone is 1m east of you but 100m up, the horizontal distance is 1m.

<compass direction> This is the approximate direction from YOUR north, which is always straight ahead in the current direction you are facing. If someone is north of you, they are straight ahead. If they are east of you, they are to your right, etc. So in the case above, their location would be shown as 1m E.

<height> is the difference in height between yours and theirs. So in the case above, their full location would show as 1m E+100


I built this little extra in since I use it constantly and can't live without it! This feature is controlled by chat commands only, on channel 2. This feature is useful for being alerted about someone that you need to contact for a specific reason. You can add a reminder for yourself, and when they come online, you'll be alerted, just once, that they are online and will show your reminder text so you remember why you wanted to contact them. This is extremely useful if you collaborate with a lot of people on projects, business, or events. You can avoid adding people that you just need to contact once to your already huge friends list this way, as well.

Here are the common commands you'll use most often, spoken in chat on channel 2:

add <name>,<reminder>
list - list all your reminders
reset <partial name> or blank - will remove their 'done' status
remove <partial name> - remove that person from the list

Here are some more commands you won't use very often but may come in handy:

pause - stop checking for people
start - restart after pause
quiet - stop/start showing names as it checks
cleardone - deletes completed reminders
clearall - deletes everyone
reminder <partial name>,<reminder> - updates the reminder for that person
readcard - loads names from .People Reminders notecard
channel <number> - change chat channel from default (2)
check <name> - check to see if that person is online right now (doesn't add to list)

Here are what the parameters mean:
<name> - full avatar name
<reminder> - whatever text you want to show to you when the person comes online
<partial name> - you can just use the first few letters of someone's name. Every person in your list that has that same first few letters will be affected. Case sensitive.

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Incredibly well done! So much more than I expected and at a very reasonable price!

Posted January 28, 2019 by Wendy Nitely 5 stars

This does it all and more and it is so easy to use. I has all the features I really wanted (i.e. not just the name, but all the additional information such as direction from you).

I didn't think I'd ever use the "Spy" feature but there are times I want to teleport to a friend and this is perfect for that!

Do look at the settings notecard! I added a Max Range of 100m to reduce the name list length.

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The icing on the cake

Posted May 07, 2016 by Free2roam 5 stars

To find someone easily in SL you need to know their direction, distance and altitiude. Few other HUDS give all 3 and this one is the best for the price. In addition it has other added feature which are the "icing on the cake". I use it all the time and highly recommend it to all

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