Shubbies Water Spirit - Increase Fish Hunt Experience - Breed Powerful Shubbies Version 3.9

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**This item is offered at lower price when buying from inworld vendor at Gold Hunt Headquarters.

Shubbies are your ultimate companions for the gaming series!

Use this Water Spirit shoulder pet to increase your fishing experience per cast. Level it up and breed it to become a powerful ally in your rise to become the top fisher!

Note that this pet is designed to be used with the Fish Hunt - it works with all Fish Hunt rods.

1) WEAR from your inventory.

2) RIGHT CLICK and select EDIT to position more accurately on your shoulder, or as desired.

3) TOUCH and select BIND from the dropdown menu.

4) Get fishing with your new companion!

1 x Water Spirit (charged up with 50 White Powder food)

Don't forget to feed your Shubbie, or it will die. They consume 1 unit of White Magic Powder per cast.

Get some Magic Powder feed it with. However, you can revive it using Revival Powder. Visit the inworld Shubbie store:


✔ Increase Fish Hunt experience per cast. This increases the higher level your Water Spirit becomes.

✔ Breed & trade more powerful Water Spirits.

✔ Set your Water Spirit's name.

✔ Set a long joke/message to be displayed in other players' local chat when they fish using the Fish Hunt [1L$ per sent message - up to 500 characters].

✔ Set a short joke/message to be displayed in hovertext above players' Water Spirits [25L$ per text].

✔ Use your Water Spirit as a fishing cast counter.

✔ Feed your Water Spirit with Magic Powder, or it will die.

✔ Revive your Water Spirit with Revival Powder.

For help from our 24/7 Support Team join this group and start a group chat:

✮ secondlife:///app/group/4317d1cb-e39c-6e0d-5933-1f940b4eead4/about
(paste into local chat then click the link)

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  • Increase Fish Hunt experience per cast
  • Level up your Shubbie
  • Breed & trade more powerful Shubbies
  • Set messages for other Shubbie owners to read!
  • Count your fishing casts

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A must have

Posted February 12, 2020 by synee014 5 stars

glad i got one :)

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Useful. Here's some more details.

Posted July 04, 2017 by Krystal Ferrentino 3 stars

- You can also buy them from other players. Just ask if anyone in the group is selling one. Nice people and nobody there bites (I don't think).
- They're not "breedable" in the traditional sense. They "split" at certain levels, giving you another one (could be blue, green, or red).
- They split 3 times (at 50,487 exp, 60,487 exp, & 70, 487 exp). 1 pet exp = 1 cast, so it could take a very, very long time, but there are occasional "double pet exp" days that help.
- Blue = +5% cast speed & +1 fishing exp, Green = +10% cast speed & +3 fishing exp, Red = (I think) +15% cast speed & +5 fishing exp.
- Blue eats 1 food per cast, Green 2, & Red 3. They all eat double after the 1st split (Blue 2, Green 4, Red 6)
- Once you "bind" it, you can not "turn it off" or "pause". It will eat and eat on every cast, even when not worn. The only way for it to stop eating is to split the final time or delete it.
- Take into account the food when calculating your cost per cast. I also highly recommend keeping a log (at least for a while) of your casts per day, total L$ per day, then use your cost per cast to figure out how much you're REALLY making. It's easy to think you're making L$ when you're actually losing it.
At current rates, a Blue shubbie will add about L$0.048 to your cost per cast (if you pay L$48 for 1000 food). (Green would add L$0.96, Red L$0.144)
- If it runs out of food, it will no longer give the bonus effects and will lose 4000xp and continue to lose exp (even go negative exp) until you start feeding it again.
- Useful, but keep an eye on the details and make sure you have plenty of food.

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